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bike project by Mind Map: bike project
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bike project


hci bike/mobility projects


research groups, MIT smart cities, green wheel,, MIT sensable city,, affective intelligent driving agent,, copencycle student workshop, You're InLock! You stole my bike. I tracked my bike, bike lock system, In the city. Device implementation In the city., Enhancing social connectedness for bikers in CPH, Bike Society Ambient Imformatics Sangwook Park, urban revolutions,, copenhagen wheel,

bikeware, japan, bike race

Ubikequitous Computing: Designing Interactive Experiences for Cyclists, THE SILLITOE TRAIL, blast theory - riders spokes


Context-Aware Scenarios Course on Context-Aware Computing 2003 - The bike messenger, mobile games

bike technology

electric bikes

health / fittness / stats, eg knog NERD,, CinQo Power Meters,, iBike GEN III,, aerodynamic drag coefficient measurement, accelerometer

safety, light lane,, high power lights, eg knog gator,, Down Low Glow,

life logging / urban sensing

BikeNet: A Mobile Sensing System for Cyclist Experience Mapping

eric paulos


traffic lights,, green wave,,, hourglass, photo: traffic light in hietzing,,, paper - Automatic Traffic Light Control System, paper - Organic traffic light control for urban road networks, traffic literature is not quite interesting, optimized for cars, bikes never primary concern, different approach, traffic literature adapts traffic lights to current situation, my approach does not change the system but merely tells the user its current state

bike lanes, bikes still second class citizens

bike sharing - citybike

bike subculture

monkey electric,

low riders, Soul Cycle mobile audio systems,, Sweetskinz,

fixed gear

urban bikers - tips and tricks


cycling and society



measures position and calculates velocity in real time

knows the signalling intervals of traffic lights

gives rider feedback on the status of a traffic light when reached, visual, tactile, audio


learns personal routes

on intersections with multiple traffic lights the system knows (by leraning the routes) in which direction the rider is heading

integration with bikemap / maptoolkit

non -features

no navigation

no safety measures

no cars, just bikes

system components

off the shelf technologies

traffic light data

provided by MA33


major factor

mobile device


gps capabilities

cellular connectivity

online application

processes rider data

returns traffic light information


design process


many possibilities, many cyclists, ubiquity of smartphones

(almost) everybody likes the idea

1. figuring out whether i can get access to the signal data

talk to urban planers and architects

2. writing a basic program with a basic feature set

3. testing with users

4. refining the system

5. testing again

6. ...

research questions

ubiquitous computing for bikes

new modes of interaction with mobile devices

promotion of bicycle use / sustainability


life logging

urban computing