TechShop Learning Brain Dump

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TechShop Learning Brain Dump by Mind Map: TechShop Learning Brain Dump

1. Grants (quick snapshot)

1.1. NSF - STEM + Computing Partnerships

2. Purpose

2.1. TS Mission: "Drive global innovation by engaging, enabling, and empowering the "creative class" to build their dreams."

2.2. TS Goal: "Become the leading platform in the market focused n the creative/maker class.

2.3. "What are you learning?"

2.4. TechShop as a learning institution.

3. Process

3.1. Director of Education research and program development process

3.1.1. Early in the project, the approach to understanding the culture of each TechShop location, the full network, and .... will be high touch. We'll utilize in-person interviews, participatory design workshops, and trial and error with a vigilant eye toward systemization. In that early phase, the Director of Education will likely travel to individual locations to interview staff and members and experience existing educational programming.

3.1.2. Research Theory/Academic Research RAT Growth Mindset Tools of Mind MIT Center for Collective Intelligence: Motivations for Network Collaboration Distributed Learning through Community "10 Design Principles for Governing the Commons" Inteviews and observation To staff Additional questions What percentage "makers" value having documentation of their work? How can we involve members in the learning and teaching process in ways that are intrinsically beneficial? What exactly is the scope of "learning" in the context of TechShop? Context Where does / might TechShop sit in the emerging education ecosystem?

3.2. Systematizing the Education Pipeline

4. People

4.1. (Store-level) Community Management Roles

4.1.1. Note: Although the roles are defined separately here, it is expected that they'll overlap with each other and existing TechShop roles.

4.1.2. Community Manager Facilitates relationships and collaboration between members. Maps and builds relationships in the local community creative ecosystem.

4.1.3. Documentation & Inspiration Tightly connected with similar roles across all stores. Captures and shares select project documentation from members.

4.2. Communities served

4.2.1. Institutional Partners Primary schools Community organizations Local government NGOs Colleges & Universities

4.2.2. "Creative Class" $170 billion in disposable income How might we shift just a small portion of their overall time and money toward (impact-based) creative projects?

4.2.3. Public School children Families Artists/Crafters University students Entrepreneurs Government or corporate employees

4.3. Potential partners

4.3.1. School of Machines

4.3.2. Etsy

4.3.3. ReAllocate

4.3.4. In The Making

4.3.5. Active Emergence

5. Products

5.1. Existing Classes

5.1.1. Arts and crafts

5.1.2. Autodesk

5.1.3. "Computers"

5.1.4. Electronics

5.1.5. Fabrication

5.1.6. Laser Cutting

5.1.7. Machining

5.1.8. Metal Shop

5.1.9. Rapid Prototyping

5.1.10. STEAM Summer Camp

5.1.11. "Technology"

5.1.12. Textiles

5.1.13. Welding

5.1.14. Woodshop

5.1.15. Project-based Workshops

5.2. Outside References

5.2.1. Deep-Dive General Assembly School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe School for Poetic Computation Skillpoint Alliance's Gateway Rapid Workforce Training Technical Colleges Could TS provide accreditation? Singularity U GSP

5.2.2. Courses Critical Making, Berkeley "Collaborative Innovation for New Engineering Solutions," Berkley

5.2.3. Communities IKEA Hackers

5.3. Member-Lead Education

5.3.1. ITP Camp Class Model Students propose, if class hits a critical mass it is a go. They are paid.

5.3.2. Shared curriculum licensing and revenue share

5.3.3. Techshop also facilitate a space without having to own the content? Skillshare

5.3.4. GREAT example of TechShop member-created curriculum

5.4. Potential Experiments

5.4.1. MOOCs for Maker Ed? TechShop + Khan Academy channel or similar? Premium content for teachers in classroom. Reference "Tinker, Make & Learn"

5.4.2. Education meets retail: DIY kits OpenDesk Furniture atFab

5.4.3. White label TechShop for learning environments Student-run bank branch

5.4.4. Open Hardware Library & Lessons

5.4.5. Portable TechShop

5.4.6. STEAM curriculum licensing for schools

5.4.7. STEAM professional development for educators Beam Center NYC

5.4.8. Systematizing the Education Pipeline Turning artists into educators: Licensing and revenue-sharing with a network of artist educators For example: Revenue sharing, created passive $ opportunities Curriculum design template for members.

5.4.9. Open source hardware and content "Business models for open source hardware"

5.4.10. Ed Coordinator Toolkits for specific class types Hackathon Deep-Dive Workshop Show & Tell TED/Creative Mornings-style event

5.4.11. Topical "hosts" (subject matter experts) at each location

5.4.12. Executive learning sessions Red Cross UN Innovation and strategy sessions for large corps

5.4.13. Physical takeways A book about each machine, with basic instructions and sample projects that each member received on signing up. Simplify: A poster or small plastic foldable reference booklet.

5.5. TechShop University @ ASU

5.5.1. Bachelors in Engineering Management

5.6. Retail

5.6.1. Branded merchendise

5.6.2. 3D printers (DIY)

5.6.3. Educato Board

5.7. Co-branded Learning Environments

5.7.1. Active Emergence

6. Platform

6.1. Accelerator/Seed Fund

6.1.1. Hardware Accelerator Cheat Sheet

6.2. Fellowship / Residencies

6.2.1. Eyebeam residency

6.2.2. ITP Instigator

6.2.3. IDEO Fellowship

6.2.4. Ashoka Fellows

6.2.5. Fablab IMAL

6.2.6. Berkley DIL Practitioners in Residence

6.2.7. Artist residencies / fellowships are a way of creating community advocated and seeding ourselves into new communities "Produce one project in your medium and one project using a tool or set of tools that is brand new to you. Document the process."

6.3. Events, Orgs, Outreach

6.3.1. Non-TS Challenge-Based MAKEImpact City X Events Hackidemia Meetups, Orgs, etc International Fab Lab Association Autodesk Design Night Dorkbot

6.3.2. TS-Facilitated (just a few examples) Maker Forge and other meetups Coder Dojo Meetup Alphalab Gear National Hardware Cup

6.4. Interactive Web/Mobile

6.4.1. Documentation References Foundry MakeHub

6.4.2. Question & Exchange Cycling 74 Forums

6.4.3. How easy / difficult is for someone to sign up for classes and pay online?

6.5. Shops

6.5.1. "MakeSpace: How to set the stage for creative collaboration"

6.5.2. Bagdad Hackerspace - a platform for social change

6.6. Media

6.6.1. TechShop TV Big opportunity to use this for regular educational content (right now, seems to be used for promos, 30 second spots, etc).

6.7. Brand

6.7.1. Has TechShop outgrown their brand? Initially focused on geeks (think: ATX Hackerspace), growing into the greater public.