PHY111 Sum '10 Brianna Fox

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PHY111 Sum '10 Brianna Fox by Mind Map: PHY111 Sum '10 Brianna Fox

1. Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing.

2. Competencies

2.1. Explain the application of fundamental physical principles to various physical phenomena.

2.2. Apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathematical, and written modeling tools.

2.3. Work effectively in collaborative groups.

3. Week 6

3.1. Yet another busy week. I spent a lot of time researching whether or not humans cause Global Warming and posted 3 arguments as to why and 3 reasons as to why humans are not. I took an attempt at completing a projectile motion challenge and then watched a pencast on it. Completed P2 with the group and then collaborated on P3.

4. Week 7

4.1. This week I was heavily focused on completing project 3. We had a group chat to finalize our timeline and to divvy up the duties. We filmed the video of Andy diving and did the video analysis and calculations that apply to all aspects. I learned more about 3-D motion, circular motion and attempted a Vpython rotational motion rendering (was successful).

5. Week 5

5.1. This was a more cool week because I enjoyed the more applied aspects of the content. Utilizing our initial Hooke's law information, David had us use Hooke's Law, the Range Equation, and an equation to calculate acceleration for our marshmallow. Initially I screwed up the calculation for the launch, but figured it out and then when I compared what I had to David's calculations, there I knew I was on track. It's actually fairly simple. I also researched energy (elastic, kinetic and gravitational) and the relationship between energy and work. David showed us how to use trig and the velocity for determining other related velocities (I would have never thought to apply it like this).

6. Week 8

6.1. The final week! I ended up picking up the slack for a teammate on P3 that dropped the ball (as in didn't participate at all). Also completed my SDoL video- that was a monster! Posted Neat Video # 8 and commented on videos that other classmates posted.

7. Outline

7.1. Linear Motion

7.2. Non-linear Motion

7.3. Forces and Momentum

7.4. Work, Energy Storage and Transfer

7.5. Properties of Matter

8. Week 1

8.1. Learned that this class is definitely not going to be conventional. Got comfortable with discussion boards and glogging. Created my first animoto video (too cool) and set up my ePort through google. Still not sure about dipity or mindmeister. Looking forward to getting into physics stuff.

9. Week 2

9.1. Drew motion diagrams and position vs. time graphs. Was getting confused with the motion diagrams as I kept switching between distance and speed when drawing them. Got it figured out. The p vs t graphs click much better with my brain. Also completed motion diagram and p vs t graph for a cop vs a perp. Learned about constant acceleration vs. constant velocity. Ah-ha's= acceleration is any change in velocity and acceleration=0 if a person travels at a steady speed.

10. Week 3

10.1. Learned a few new things in Excel as far as graphing goes with the copvs perp exercise. Built a launcher and had to do research on trajectory formulas. Ah-ha was that it is actually two simple problem calculations (one horizontal and one vertical) instead of one large complicated calculation.

11. Week 4

11.1. This was a very busy week. I learned how to screencast and that was cool. As far as physics goes, I completed by video interview with David, started working on my 2nd project, got a view of what will be expected for project 3, and played a lot more with VPython using it for trajectories and a launch simulator. I also started to reasearch on the 2012 end of the world controversy, completed the group self/peer evaluations and conducted an experiment to determine the spring constant of my rubberband for my launcher in project 1 and used excel for the calculations.