The Human Nervous System

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The Human Nervous System by Mind Map: The Human Nervous System

1. Central NS

1.1. Spinal Cord

1.2. Brain

1.2.1. Hindbrain Brainstem Automatic survival functions; sends and receives info Pons Medulla Oblognata Cerebellum Balance and coordination fine motor movements procedural/implicit memory "little brain" timing of speech (stutter) alcohol depresses cerebellum No conscious effort needed

1.2.2. Midbrain Reticular Formation Arousal to stimuli sleep attentiveness filters incoming stimuli and relays important info to the thalamus Neural network integrates sensory processes system of dopamine releasing neurons (decline = parkinson's

1.2.3. Forebrain Limbic System learning, memory, emotion, basic drives hippocampus amygdala hypothalamus Thalamus Corpus Callosum relays info bw the two hemispheres Basal ganglia smooth voluntary muscle movements striatum nucleus accubens ventral tegmental area (VTA) Cerebral Cortex see other chart