Cerebral Corex, Cerebrum, and Lobes

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Cerebral Corex, Cerebrum, and Lobes by Mind Map: Cerebral Corex, Cerebrum, and Lobes

1. Frontal Lobes

1.1. Higher level-thinking; reasoning; planning; judgement; impulse control

1.2. Prefrontal Cortex

1.2.1. controls conscious thoughts and actions

1.2.2. working memory

1.2.3. short-term and long-term planning

1.2.4. 28% of cerebral cortex

1.2.5. higher order thinking- working memory, reasoning, relations, decision making

1.2.6. left frontal- less activity = depression

1.2.7. damage can't understand sarcasm middle frontal and orbital frontal gyrus- antisocial disorder 18% less no imagination deficits- attention, planning, organization (psychopaths/criminals)

1.3. Broca's Area

1.3.1. controls the facial muscle movements required for the speech production

1.4. Motor Cortex

1.4.1. mapped by penfield and foester

1.4.2. send messages out

1.4.3. fine motor = more space devoted to it

1.4.4. amputees computer chip thing

2. Parietal Lobes

2.1. Receives sensory info about the somatic senses of touch, pain, and temp

2.2. spatial abilities

2.3. integrates visual input

2.4. monitors body position in space

2.5. damage

2.5.1. left- convergent thinking (one answer)- issues w math, writing

2.5.2. right- loss of imagery, visualize spatial relationships

2.6. sensory cortex

2.6.1. receives incoming messages

2.6.2. largest area- lips

2.6.3. practice makes area larger

3. Occipital Lobes

3.1. primary visual cortex

3.2. left half of visual field processed right side, vice versa

4. Temporal Lobes

4.1. Wernicke's area

4.1.1. responsible for language comprehension

4.1.2. Creates meaningful statements

4.2. Auditory processing (hearing) (primary auditory cortex)

4.3. recognition of face

4.4. olfaction (smell)- doesn't go through thalamus

4.5. memory (hippocampus)

4.6. right- sudden insight; understanding of music, tonality

4.7. damage

4.7.1. comprehension of speech and language

4.7.2. left- verbal memory skills recall

4.7.3. right- music or drawing recall

5. Cerebral Cortex

5.1. covers cerebrum and cerebellum

6. association area

6.1. all 4 lobes

6.2. not sensory or motor

6.3. integrate info

6.4. no specific duties