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TEDxRdam talk - Arjan El Fassed by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Arjan El Fassed
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TEDxRdam talk - Arjan El Fassed


find their way to local people

via social media

they are the road signs

to local people

its different to START listening the ordinary people

refuge camp

200 streets

first street named after a twitteraccount

major blogs picked it up, CNN, also cofounders of twitter

awarness, refuge camp, no street names

ordinary people

can use social media

Arjan El Fassed

Strate­gist for human­i­tar­ian cam­paigns and social media



social networks

goverment should develop

by pass governement

support protect ordinary people

make use of social media


different take, then pirates, militians

actually, they are people like you and me

back to overview


use of socialmedia afghanistan

late 90s, html, make use of website

enough people online?



social media

not dependant on trad media

own comms

social media

productive way

listen and not only sending

New node

how about a filter?

lots of missinfo