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TEDxRdam talk - Jacob van der Goot by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Jacob van der Goot
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TEDxRdam talk - Jacob van der Goot

1 .connectivity

had a client

what makes u te get up

financing 150 Japanse cars

connect things

key of banking

source of pride

pride of your work place

150+ years old

Jacob van der Goot

Man­ag­ing direc­tor of ABN AMRO Rotterdam

banker in Rotterdam

cycling on stage

source of pleasure

happy to ride a bike, home to work, work to clients

model 1905, oldest bikes

bank, 2nd oldest profession


ministery of finance

world bank

found a fullfilment

2. banking

go for their client

money is a means not an end

Reacting after the fact

empower people to think for themself

do the right things

not to many regulations


invest money in people

dont get rich but become better

trained in business of your clients

get things realy better

finance is a box

3. proud to be the financial intermediairy

back to overview


a marketplace

hard working


poor people

Every disadvantage has an advantage

diamonds of talent

help them build there box

skils, pride, pride of company, pride to be a rotterdamer