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TEDxRdam talk - Richard Straver by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk -
Richard Straver
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TEDxRdam talk - Richard Straver

Richard Straver

Cre­ative direc­tor at MediaMedics


Keep It Simple Stupid

start your business in 60 seconds or less

why simple things are great

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (leonardo da vinci)

3 examples

1 tony hawk (skate boarder), easy to do, but sophisticated

2 southpark, looks simple, but genius, sophisticated

3 einstein, formula e=mc2, simple

simple is not simple minded

web developer


did it all wrong

where very sophisticated

then, started all over, focus, needed to be the easiest ever

"the easiest way to sell"

online marketplace, put product on market place

social market place

sell stuff online very easy

how, 1 single form, goed accross the whole web, goes to social media, twitter, facebook, etc, google marketplace, findable on different apps, like layar

current marketplace

preventing it to go by pass the site






anythign with your platform


goes on and on

like a fractal

back to overview

love simple things

somethign different is simplicity

simple products



sharing ideas

online components