TEDxRdam talk - Frans Hiddema

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TEDxRdam talk - Frans Hiddema by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Frans Hiddema

1. Frans Hiddema

1.1. CEO of Oogzieken­huis Rotterdam

1.2. you are blind in the darkness

1.3. the blind is seeing in the darkness

2. intro

2.1. darkroom

2.1.1. curtain

2.1.2. group of 6

2.1.3. you dont see anything

2.1.4. you hear a voice guide (a blind man) explore the room pour a coke in a glass talk about being blind

2.1.5. leave the rooms see the guide with his stick

3. art

3.1. blind winetasting

4. make people aware of eyes

4.1. the eye is a piece of art

4.2. eye

4.2.1. gateway to soul

4.2.2. gateway outside

5. Rdam eye hospital

5.1. different

5.1.1. learn from other industry klm planning system safety program flight simulator toyota ah

5.1.2. learn from peers

5.1.3. benchmark program

5.1.4. exchange of nurses worldwide nurse is the consultant share ideas

5.2. philisophy

5.2.1. reducation of fear of becoming blind reducation how better healing proces

5.3. data

5.3.1. 17.000 people treated

5.4. sound art

5.5. buidling

5.5.1. renovated 6 years ago

5.5.2. its became a art museum

5.5.3. architect of art museum

5.5.4. attractive

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