TEDxRdam talk - Frances Gouda

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TEDxRdam talk - Frances Gouda by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Frances Gouda

1. long history

1.1. goes back to Dutch East Indies

1.1.1. but not unique to Dutch colonialism

1.2. remember the past

1.2.1. tend to not to talk bad past

1.2.2. tend to talk about good history

1.3. historical memory

1.3.1. grave yard without space

1.3.2. cemmentary how we remeber the past dutch colonial history western values happy marriage between colonial service and indigenious elites in the Dutch East Indies

1.4. oriental leaders

1.4.1. goes back to greece

1.4.2. ancient greece

1.4.3. followed by Roman Empire

1.4.4. emperor egalabus unconvential decline and fall of the Roman Empire Roman depostism

2. Frances Gouda

2.1. Pro­fes­sor of his­tory and gen­der studies

3. colonial past

3.1. influences our world view

3.2. overheated political discours

3.3. politicians NL

3.3.1. talk immigration

3.3.2. only male and white

4. ecquality

4.1. lifecycle

5. back to overview

6. conclusion

6.1. think different

6.1.1. legitimaticy of leadership

6.1.2. is it normal to have so many white male politicans?

7. example

7.1. obama

7.1.1. only a year in office

7.1.2. already protests

7.1.3. politicans have to be white? not anymore

7.2. women

7.2.1. close to nature

7.2.2. less predictable

7.2.3. therefore less likely to become a leader of a country

7.2.4. female politicians more but rare or more like Aboutaleb etc more immigrants but this is discusses by white male politicians

8. questions

8.1. usa

8.1.1. irethoric on slavery influence on perspective of ethniticity