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TEDxRdam talk - Igor Nikolic by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk
- Igor Nikolic
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TEDxRdam talk - Igor Nikolic

Igor Nikolic

Com­plex adap­tive sys­tems engineer

system thinking

Delft University of Technology



socio technological evolution

walk in your room

flip a switch light is on, what happens, global massive machine, cables, powerplants, produce a little bit energy, energy traded, crosses borders, flows in your ligt bulb, social tech entity, how come, powerplant, it is like a living organism, encompassing system

how come this happens, 50.000 powerplants, turbines, violent, cables, borders, social entities, trade power, workers, laws, insurances, 300.000 mines

complex adaptive systems

many different entities

create a patern of behaving

2 properties

1 complex, inability of single perspective to describe to properties of a system to describe, multiple truths and values one physical planet

2 evolve thus interactable, no faster way to go to future, go thru the steps


sust world, nobody know, nobody could predict

represent the real world

grow future worlds

explore were worlds go

web30, agents, govern, people, does thing to other people they say, etc, semantic web, interact, patterns emerge


energy market

reduction of co2

taxes are predicatable

theory of evolution

grow a sust society

1 start bottom up, decentralized, connetions bloom into smething

2 have to learn to fail gracefuly, make mistakes all the time, but recover them, how to try without distroying, learn from errow, evolution is about trial and error, not trial and success

3 grow, evolving, adpating, learning

4 together, work to gether, creative commons, wiki, linux


knowledge structures, change, wiki structure,, each page, diff facts, time evolves, knowledge evolves, relevant, grows, unrelevant outside, organic, structuring, disconnected, google, social technical proces

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