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TEDxRdam talk - Julian Oliver by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk -
Julian Oliver
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TEDxRdam talk - Julian Oliver

improved reality (AR)

billboard advertisement

natural state

no negotiation between image and persons

a new kind of dictatorship one cannot escape

example Sao Palou, no billboard in commercial district

incorporate them in the buildings


whose public space is it really?

what can we do with billboard


Julian Oliver

New media artist

New Sealand

not australian

lives in Berlin

Augmented Reality


addons for reality

i phone

camera mode, layer via a phone

goldrush in dotcom

problem?, technology, mistaken for purpose, examples, windshields auto, supermarket, breakfast, owls playing cricket in porrige

read/ write

both or one of each

who gets write access to the cities?

open space

public space, ourselves, front lawns, vehicles

services in visual cortex


cognitive service area, direct targeted by billboards

see sample of Vienna

back to overview


times squrare without billboards?

billboards can be art as well

product REplacement


The artvertiser, recognize advertisement and subsitute them for art, powerfull device, lot of collaboration by companies and artists

mobile, smaller binoculairs, in museums, roll them out to a street