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TEDxRdam talk - Dick Tibboel by Mind Map: TEDxRdam talk - Dick
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TEDxRdam talk - Dick Tibboel

Dick Tibboel

Pro­fes­sor Research Inten­sive Care for chil­dren

Eras­mus Med­ical Center

open invitation

to follow pain in your own body

pain is good

its a fast proces

warning sign

from nerve fiber to nerve fiber

painfull stimuli

how to understand


related to tissue damage

its a daily sequence

chronic pain

as common to talk over

as soccer


self report paradox

emotion pain vs pain

research infants and pain

kids 3 years

how do nonverbal humans communicate pain

preterms and fish do not feel pain

+/14 painfull procudes per day

long term effect of pain killers

cognitive impaired

normal behaviour

what is pain

self report

many pain killer

lots of subscriptions a year

primairy approach, do the best for child


individualised care, determined by genetic make-up

difference in pain sensitivity

down syndrome study

in 2010

visualize differences in areas of brain

my pain in not their pain

back to overview

TED way

epidemic pain

4mln people >65 years of age

older, more pain

huge issue

pain assesment REPOS, rotterdam elderly pain observation scale


biology, tissue damage


social event


its a life experience

Your pain = My pain