World religion

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World religion by Mind Map: World religion

1. Hinduism

1.1. more then 80% of people believed in Hinduism in India

1.2. a Hindu will usually marry someone from the same social class

1.3. they believed there is more then one way to believe in god

1.4. Shiva has the power to destroy and create parts of the world

1.5. markings on their forehead is good luck

1.6. all things in the world are apart of Bahamian

1.7. all rivers are secret to people who believe in Hinduism, the Ganges is the most secret

1.8. the soul is returning and ever lasting

1.9. before they go into temples they must take off their shoes and wash their feet

1.10. puja is a way to show respect for Bahamian

2. Buddhism

2.1. 6% of the world population believed in Buddhism

2.2. life is full of suffering

2.3. suffering is caused by worldly desires

2.4. to stop suffering you have to follow the 8 fold path

2.5. drama is the law of Buddhism

2.6. Theravada and Mahayana are the two different believes of Buddhism

2.7. their future depends on their karma

2.8. it will take many life times to become a Buddha

2.9. the Buddha is an example of someone truly awake

2.10. Dana is a gift of food and clothing

3. Judaism

3.1. About 14 million people in the world believe in Judaism

3.2. Jews were the first people to believe in one god

3.3. Moses was the chosen leader

3.4. the 10 commandments are the center of Jews laws

3.5. Jews and Muslims worked together to make stuff like medicine

3.6. Hitler sent many Jews to concentration camps

3.7. 6 million Jews died during the Helacost

3.8. a cantor plays an important role in the belief

3.9. there are three main branches of Jews

3.10. the most holy Jewish holiday is in the fall

4. Islam

4.1. the quran is Islams holiest book

4.2. they believed in one god named Allah

4.3. a masjid was a tower kings ruled in

4.4. they wrote in a language called aerobic

4.5. the 5 pillars are the basic religious duties

4.6. every Muslim must go on a pilgrimage to mecca in their life time

4.7. boys and men are separated from girls and women to pray

4.8. Muslims must never eat pork

4.9. the qur'an is the words of god

4.10. Muslims believe that if you live a good life you shall be rewarded

5. Christianity

5.1. practiced by 2 million people

5.2. the worlds largest religion

5.3. Jesus believed in one god before he died

5.4. there are two different types of Christians

5.5. churches are lead by pasters

5.6. they believe that god is the ruler of the universe

5.7. they believe Jesus died for everyone

5.8. the bible is the main book of Christianity

5.9. most churches have an alter

5.10. they believe in the importance of praying