World Religens

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World Religens by Mind Map: World Religens

1. Hinduism

1.1. There is 80% Hinduism in India most Hindus live in India

1.2. affects social system

1.3. everything has to do with brahmian

1.4. Nature is very impotent

1.5. they wright in sandskrit

1.6. oldest religion

1.7. used sewer systems, paved roads, and brick houses

1.8. dived into classes

1.9. god can be thought of in maney ways

1.10. they whore a bandy and it simblise good luck

1.11. animals are sackrid

1.12. rivers like the Ganges river is sackrid the will also bathe in them to

2. Budisim

2.1. 6% of Buddhism in the world

2.2. Sid (the prince) say 4 things they where, death, sickness, sadness, and starving

2.3. Sid chose the Middle Path (moderation) he was thinking calming and mediating

2.4. the Buddha means the enlighten one

2.5. If people stop wanting things then they will stop suffering

2.6. meditating helps free your mind, think good thoughts not evil

2.7. darma is the law of budism

2.8. they think that you need to think of others before you think of your selves

2.9. bleve in rencarnation when they diy and then get reborne into a difrent life depending on your carma untill they reach Narvarna

2.10. The monks shave there heads and where robes and teach people about the Buddha

2.11. temples are peoples 2nd homes

2.12. there are festals in the streets when there is a full moon of a new moon

3. Judaiam

3.1. was the first religion with only one god

3.2. 10 commandments where the center of there laws

3.3. 6,000,000 Jews where killed in world war 2

3.4. it is important to learn about the Hebrew language

3.5. the 10 commandments tell people how God wants them to act

3.6. the canter leads the songs and the chants

3.7. The sabith is a holly day and it is a day of rest

3.8. most of there sacred holidays are in the fall

3.9. Passover is one of there biggest holidays in Judaiam

4. Islam

4.1. Islam means to srender

4.2. Muslims opened the first hospital

4.3. Muslims have to pray 5 times a day

4.4. they must go to mecca at least 1 in there life time

4.5. before they go into mass they have to take off there sandles and wash off

4.6. girls where a cloth over there head when they go to a place where there are men or strangers

4.7. they can not eat pork or drink alcohol

4.8. they wate 40 days till they name the baby

4.9. they shave the baby's head and weigh it and hoe much it weighs that is how much $ they give to the poor

5. Christianity

5.1. 2 billion people practice this religion in the world

5.2. to understand about this religion you have to know who Jesus

5.3. when god rose from the dead or Easter that is called restriction

5.4. Christianity is the largest relogion in the world

5.5. the trinity is when people believe there is a father a sun and the holy spirit

5.6. the word bible is the Greek word for book

5.7. churches where built to worship god

5.8. Holly communion is a sacrement

5.9. baptism simbolises that you are now apart of gods family

5.10. Christmas marks the birth of Jesus

5.11. Easter Sunday is a sine of Resurrection