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Maggid by Mind Map: Maggid
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Meta-Haggada Laws of the Haggada

Ha lachma anya

Intro, everybody sit down

Mah nishtana

Open the floor for questions

HOW is this mitzvah performed?, By asking questions

Avadim hayinu

Fulfillment of beginning with shame according to Shmuel

WHO must perform?, Everybody, even great sages

HOW LONG should it take?, The longer the better

Maaseh be-Rebbe Eliezer, a prime example

Amar Rebbe Elazar ben Azarya

DOES this mitzvah apply the rest of year?, yes

Baruch HaMakom

Introduction to the Four Sons and some Torah learning

The Four Sons

General lesson about education, Different students need different teaching methods

Yachol mei'Rosh Chodesh

WHEN does this mitzvah apply?


Mitchila ovdei avodah zara

Fulfillment of beginning with shame according to Rav

Introducing Avraham and his Covenant Between the Parts with G-d which foreshadows our exile, Va'ekach et achichem, Baruch Shomer Havtachato l'Yisrael

Vehi she'amda

Spontaneous praise to G-d

After hearing about the prophecy, we are relieved that we know how the story ends

The Haggada Delving into the Story of the Exodus

The Farmer's Declaration

Tze u'lmad, Introduction

Arami Oved Avi, 1st verse

Vayarei'u Otanu, 2nd verse

Vanitzak el Hashem Elokei Avoteinu, 3rd verse

Va'yotzeianu Hashem mi'Mitrayim, 4th verse, B'yad chazaka, Elucidation of that episode in Egypt, Dam v'esh..., Davar Acher, An alternative take, which brings us to...., Eser makot, Rabbi Yossi Haglili omer, Elucidation of makkot, Rabbi Eliezer omer, Rabbi Akiva omer, Dayenu

Rabban Gamlilel haya omer




B'chol dor vador

The culmination of the seder night. The difference between reciting and retelling is internalizing and reliving, carrying the historical event into the future and continuing the process...

Lefichach, much so that we are driven to spontaneous praise, Hallel (1st half)