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Designing and Operating an Automobile Parts Warehouse by Mind Map: Designing and Operating an Automobile Parts Warehouse
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Designing and Operating an Automobile Parts Warehouse


A ) Internet Based and Printed Media Research

Printed media involves journals etc that will be obtained from the IC or from the instructor. The research with printed media will take place in accordance with the IC working hours and the schedules of the students. Internet Research made using search engines or databases that can be found in the IC. The percentage of resources assigned is higher since there is more information and data on the internet and since it allows the team members to use their time more efficiently; internet availability is much higher than printed media availability.

1. Opening a new warehouse/dc, 1.1 Research on possible costs, 1.2 Research on possible Stocking Systems, 1.3 Research on space requirements of a warehouse, 1.4 Comparing the profitibility of buying / renting space, 1.5 Research various delivery systems, 1.6 Research on world class warehouses

2. Research on a warehouse management system, 2.1 Research the existing software and their prices, 2.2 Research on employees, 2.3 Research feasibility of implementing WMS

3. Improving Quality, 3.1 Research on possible performance measurement systems, 3.2 Research on personnel trainings, 3.3 Consider doing a work study, 3.4 Research on internal and external audit systems, 3.5 Research damage return rates, 3.6 Research on world-class quality systems

4. Research on methods to maintain a continuous learning environment, 4.1 Research on various self-control mechanisms for the employees, 4.2 Research on team-work trainings

B ) Visiting a warehouse

A complex and well organized warehouse will be visited to understand what problems may arise in such a complex structure and to be inspired from the solutions of the problems that the visited warehouse may have in common with the  warehouse in the project.

1. Collecting data on the company products

2. Analyzing the used storage systems

3. Collecting data on the used WMS

4. Learn about the used quality measurements

5. Analyze the used automated vehicles

C ) Interview with an ergonomist specialist

Ask a specialist about the common ergonomic concerns for warehouse design, worker efficency, worker health and increasing output.

1. Analyze the possible risks and worker safety concerns in a warehouse

2. Collecting data on general ergonomic concerns in a warehouse

Writing report

write the findings of the researches in a formal report format

Writing the draft for the final report

Analysing the data collected, discussing the findings and writing the results in the required reporting and referencing style.

Finalising the report

Meeting with TAs

Meeting with TA's to find answers to possible questions that may arise during the research period, possible questions that may arise using software and possible misunderstandings or updates during the course of the project.