The Right to Bear Arms

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The Right to Bear Arms by Mind Map: The Right to Bear Arms

1. Quizlet

2. Video YouTube : Bowling for Columbine

2.1. Bowling for Columbine is a 2002 Americain documentary film written, directed and narrated by Michael Moore. The film speak about the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 and other acts of violence with guns in United States. It talk as well of the place of the massacre in the daily life, generally the violence, and even more the main involvement of the NRA.

3. Cartoon

4. Tagxedo

5. Injured and fatalities people by year in United States

6. Do you really have a right to bear arms?

7. Summary

7.1. The historical background:

7.2. In the old days, every freeman was authorized to wear a gun for his own protection, but after the independence, the problem was to protect the republic. They created also a civilian militia for protecting them, today there is 20 000 to 60 000 militiamen across the country. The Civil War was an important turning point, because for the first time in USA, a huge military forces were involved in an armed conflict. This conflict developed the industry of firearms, because of the big demand on the market.

7.3. A new mystique:

7.4. In the 70’s, a glamorous image of the gun is create, thanks to the National Rifles Association (NRA), and they contended that the right to bear arm is an inalienable part of American freedom.

7.5. The NRA :

7.6. The NRA was founded after the Civil War in the first goal to be a shooting club for former soldiers, but with the time it had be developed in a powerful lobby supported by gun-manufacturers like Smith and Wesson who is the largest handgun producer, or Colt who is a big one too. It started when they brought their support to Ronald Reagan. 60 percent of the Americans view the NRA favorably, and take in part, the support of the NRA for a candidate when they have to vote.

7.7. Still a partisan issue? :

7.8. After the school shootings in the 90s, the administration tried to enforce the federal gun legislation. This events set up anti-gun movements and association. The Democrats made the choice to raising the age limit for owning a gun, and ordered mandatory safety locks, but with all that choice, it has cost them the next elections. Americans are really attached to the right to bear arms freely, and if you try to change it, you will put yourself on the line.

7.9. Americans stick to their guns:

7.10. The impact of killing sprees regularly reignites debates on gun control frequently. It has also reveal that the legislation was poorly enforced, but it’s still not a high priority in politics.

8. Press article : Could we ban guns by repealing Second Amendment? Press article : The demographics and politics of gun-owning households

9. Glogster :

10. Cartoon 2