Saber-Tooth Curriculum Chapter 7

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Saber-Tooth Curriculum Chapter 7 by Mind Map: Saber-Tooth Curriculum    Chapter 7

1. Main Characters

1.1. Dr. Peddiwell

1.2. Raymond Wayne

1.3. Scout

1.4. "Your Bigness", tribe leader

1.5. Mrs. Peddiwell

2. Main Events

2.1. The tribe on the other side of the mountain teaches and trains their people to make and use weapons in order to fight one day and conquer more land.

2.2. The scout returns from seeing the other tribe playing with rocks and tells the leader of the other tribe that they do no use education the same way they do. The education of the other won't "put the tribe nearer to any clear-cut goal."

2.3. Tribe leader decides to invade and take from the other tribe. Reader is left unaware of the ending of the war, but left to assume that they are able to conquer the original tribe.

3. Historical Context

3.1. WWII and the Nazi Party

3.2. Youth in America were not well educated or utilized, but youth in Germany were given great respect and responsibility.

3.3. Traditional / Old School Teaching vs New Teaching Methods and Advanced Topics

4. Current Context

4.1. New education methods address new technology and the needs of the youth to succeed in the future. Currently, we are not educating our youth like many Asian countries are. They will eventually be able to out perform our military as they are already out performing our economy.

4.2. North Korea's capabilities are unknown to the US at the time. They could be the "other tribe" and we are the "original". What will the outcome be?

4.3. North Korea is most like the other tribe with regards to military currently, but China is the most like the other tribe with regards to youth and education and utilizing every person.