Access Reconfigued

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Access Reconfigued by Mind Map: Access Reconfigued

1. Community Media and the Internet

1.1. Cyberdemocracy- a belief that technology will increase society's democratic potential.

1.2. Cyberdemocracy has finally become outdated with the recognition that the participatory appearance of the Internet was just one possible path of development

2. Encloure

2.1. AOL

2.2. argued for and then against internet commons, changing it's tune when it suited it's own interest

3. From Old to New Media

3.1. Community media is a multi platform phenomenon that often finds innovative ways to reach its audience.

3.2. Microradio in the USA

3.3. PIrate radio in Erope

3.4. Indigenous community television in Australia

3.5. Low Power stations in Itlay

4. New node

5. Access and the Internet Commons

5.1. Access is the process of identifying the spaces where power is used to block freedom and seeking to shift it.

5.2. Technologies that will be most benefit to communities are the ones that are free, accessible, easily available, and hopefully not too complicated to use.

5.3. The commons is a resource that is held "in common," and the Internet, due to it's technical architecture, is seen as the ultimate example of this

5.4. The revival idea of the commons stems from a desire to reframe the importance of shared ideas and resources in relation to changes within economics and communitcations

6. The New Public Interest

6.1. The public interest is generally used to refer to something highly valued, a collective good that is seen more important than other legitimate demands and interest

6.2. The new public interest is different, which involves embracing a range of possible publics that may conflict with or contradict each other

7. The Limits of the Commons

7.1. The commons is a bigger issue than community media, which is based on altruistic values and nonprofit enterprise

7.2. The commons argument requires that we look more closely at the relationship of community to the market and recognize that they are interconnected

7.3. The threat to the corporate world is that the commons provides a basis for a revision of how the system property is managed

8. Community and the Network Society

8.1. Community is both a means to the development of fruitful relationships that may extend and enhance networks information flows, and that which contributes value to this new social configuration

9. New node