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The Suspects by Mind Map: The Suspects

1. Miguel Deza

1.1. Lies

1.1.1. Said he had a late class on the night of the crime

1.1.2. Didn't tell Ellie that he made the tea

1.2. Motive

1.2.1. Revenge: the Reeds kicked him out of the house

1.2.2. Money: he goes to an expensive university

2. Kevin Reed

2.1. Lies

2.1.1. Didn't tell Ellie that he knew the combination

2.1.2. Said he went to the movies on the night of the crime

2.1.3. Said he got an allowance from his parents. Didn't tell Ellie that his father had cut off the allowance.

2.2. Motive

2.2.1. Needs money Allowance cut off Lost a lot of money at the horse races

3. Judith Reed

3.1. Lies

3.1.1. Said only Evan, Nancy and she knew the combination to the safe,

3.2. Motive

3.2.1. Money: the stamps are insured

4. Allison Reed

4.1. Lies

4.1.1. She said she worked late the night of the crime.

4.2. Motive

4.2.1. Help Miguel

5. Lucia Deza

5.1. Lies

5.1.1. Said that she was alone in the kitchen

5.1.2. Said she made the tea

5.2. Motive

5.2.1. Money: her son goes to an expensive university

6. Evan Reed

6.1. Lies

6.1.1. ?

6.2. Motive

6.2.1. Evan Reed is broke. His business project was a failure

7. Nancy Reed

7.1. Lies

7.2. Motive