Мій плейліст

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Мій плейліст by Mind Map: Мій плейліст

1. Блюз

1.1. Joe Cocker

1.1.1. With a Little Help from My Friends "Feelin' All Right" "Bye Bye Blackbird" "Change in Louise" "Marjorine" "Just Like a Woman" "Do I Still in Your Life?" "Sandpaper Cadillac" "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" "With a Little Help from My Friends" "I Shall Be Released"

1.1.2. Unchain My Heart "Unchain My Heart" "Two Wrongs" "I Stand in Wonder" "The River's Rising" "Isolation" "All Our Tomorrows" "A Woman Loves a Man" "Trust in Me" "The One" "Satisfied"

1.2. Chris Isaak

1.2.1. Best of Chris Isaak "San Francisco Days" "Somebody's Cryin'" "Wicked Games" "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" "Let Me Down Easy" "Two Hearts" "King Without a Castle" "Only the Lonely" "Speak of the Devil" "Blue Spanish Sky" "You Owe Me Some Kind of Love" "Can't Do a Thing" "Let's Have a Party" "Dancin'" "Blue Hotel" "Please" "I Want You to Want Me" "Forever Blue"

2. Рок

2.1. 30 seconds to Mars

2.1.1. Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams "Birth" "Conquistador" "Up in the Air" "City of Angels" "The Race" "End of All Days" "Pyres of Varanasi" "Bright Lights" "Do or Die" "Convergence" "Northern Lights" "Depuis Le début"

2.1.2. This is War "Escape" "Night of the Hunter" "Kings and Queens" "100 Suns" "Hurricane" "Closer to the Edge" "Vox Populi" "Search And Destroy" "Alibi" "Stranger In a Strange Land" "L490"

2.1.3. A Beautiful Lie "Attack" "A Beautiful Lie" "The Kill" "Was It a Dream" "The Fantasy" "Savior" "From Yesterday" "The Story" "R-Evolve" "A Modern Myth" "Battle of One" "Hunter"

2.1.4. 30 Seconds to Mars "Capricorn" "Edge of the Earth" "Fallen" "Oblivion" "Buddha for Mary" "Echelon" "Welcome to the Universe" "The Mission" "End of the Beginning" "93 Million Miles" "Year Zero/The Struggle" "Jupiter" "Revolution"

2.2. Linkin Park

2.2.1. The Hunting Party: Live from Mexico "Keys to the Kingdom" "All for Nothing" "Guilty All The Same" "The Summoning" "War" "Wastelands" "Until It's Gone" "Rebellion" "Mark The Graves" "Drawbar "Final Masquerade" "A Line In The Sand"

2.2.2. Living Things "Lost in the Echo" "In Me Remains" "Burn it Down" "Lies Greed Misery" "I'll Be Gone" "Castle of Glass" "Victimized" "Roads Untraveled" "Skin to Bone" "Until It Breaks" "Tinfoil" "Powerless"

2.2.3. A Thousand Suns "The Requiem" "The Radiance" "Burning in the Skies" "Empty Spaces" "When They Come for Me" "Robot Boy" "Jornada del Muerto" "Waiting for the End" "Blackout" "Wretches and Kings" "Wisdom, Justice and Love" "Iridescent" "Fallout" "The Catalyst" "The Messenger" "Papercut" "New Divide" "Faint" "Empty Spaces" "Numb" "Breaking the Habit" "Shadow of the Day" "In the End" "What I've Done"

2.3. AC/DC

2.3.1. Back in Black "Hell Bells" "Shoot to Thrill" "What Do You Do Money Honey" "Given the Dog a Bone" "Let Me Put My Love Into You" "Back In Black" "You Shook Me All Night Long" "Have A Drink On Me" "Shake a Leg" "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"

2.3.2. Highway to Hell "Highway to Hell" "Girls Got Rhuthm" "Walk All Over You" "Touch Too Much" "Beating Around The Bush" "Shot Down In Flames" "Get It Hot" "If You Want Blood" "Love Hungry Man" "Night Prowler"

2.3.3. T.N.T. "It's a Long Way to the Top" "Rock 'N' Roll Singer" "The Jack" "Live Wire" "T.N.T." "Rocker" "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" "High Voltage" "School Days"

2.4. System of a Down

2.4.1. Toxicity "Prison Song" "Needles" "Deer Dance" "Jet Pilot" "X" "Chop Suey!" "Bounce" "Forest" "ATWA" "Science" "Shimmy" "Toxicity" "Psycho" "Aerials"

2.5. Сплин

2.5.1. Резонанс, Часть І "Всадник" "Ай лов ю!" "Старый дом" "Мороз по коже" "Мысль" "Есть кто-нибудь живой?" "Рай в шалаше" "Все наоборот" "Помолчим немного" "Пусть играет музыка!" "Горизонт событий" "Среди зимы" "Дверной глазок" "Подводная песня"

2.5.2. Резонанс, Часть ІІ "Песня" "Оркестр" "Песня на одном аккорде" "Два плюс один" "Полная луна" "Танцуй!" "Симфония" "Нефть" "Пожар" "Шахматы" "Исчезаем в темноте"

2.6. The Beatles

2.6.1. Abbey Road "Come Together" "Something" "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" "Oh! Darling" "Octopus's Garden" "I Want You" "Here Comes the Sun" "Because" 'You Never Give Me Your Money" "Sun King" "Mean Mr. Mustard" "Polythene Pam" "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" "Golden Slumbers" "Carry That Weight" "The End" "Her Majesty"

2.6.2. Let It Be "Two of Us" "Dig a Pony" "Across the Universe" "I Me Mine" "Dig It" "Let It Be" "Maggie Mae" "I've Got a Feeling" "One After 909" "The Long and Winding Road" "For You Blue" "Get Back"

2.6.3. Help! "Help!" 'The Night Before" "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" "I Need You" "Another Girl" "You're Going to Lose That Girl" "Ticket to Ride" "Act Naturally" "It's Only Love" "You Like Me Too Much" "Tell Me What You See" "I've Just Seen a Face" "Yesterday" "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"

3. Джаз

3.1. Frank Sinatra

3.1.1. Strangers in the Night "Strangers in the Night" "Summer Wind" "All or Nothing at All" "Call Me" "You're Driving Me Crazy" "On a Clear Day" "My Baby Just Cares for Me" "Downtown" "Yes sir, That's My Baby" "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"

3.1.2. Come Dance With Me! "Come Dance With Me" "Something's Gotta Give" "Just In Time" "Dancing In The Dark" "Too Close For Comfort" "I Could Have Danced All Night" "Saturday Night" "Day In - Day Out" "Cheek To Cheek" "Baubles Bangles and Beads" "The Song Is You" "The Last Dance"

3.2. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

3.2.1. "Can't We Be Friends"

3.2.2. "Isn't This a Lovely Day"

3.2.3. "Moonlight in Vermont"

3.2.4. "They Can't Take That Away From Me"

3.2.5. "Under a Blanket of Blue"

3.2.6. "Tenderly"

3.2.7. "A Foggy Day"

3.2.8. "Stars Fell on Alabama"

3.2.9. "Cheek to Cheek"

3.2.10. "The Nearness of You"

3.2.11. "April in Paris"

4. Регі

4.1. Bob Marley

4.1.1. Rastaman Vibration "Positive Vibration" "Roots Rock Reggae" "Johnny Was" "Cry to Me" "Want More" "Crazy Baldhead" "Night Shift" "War" "Rat Race"

4.1.2. Survival "So Much Trouble In The World" "Zimbabwe" "Top Rankin" "Babylon System" "Survival" "Africa Unite" "One Drop" "Ride Natty Ride" "Ambush in the Night" "Wake Up and Live"

4.1.3. Natty Dread "Lively Up Yourslef" "No Woman, No cry" "Them Belly Full" "Rabel Music" "So Jah Seh" "Natty Dread" "Bend Down Low" "Talkin' Blues" "Revolution"

4.2. 5'nizza

4.2.1. Анплаггед "Солдат" "5'Nizza" "Ямайка" "Сюрная" "Сон" "Я с тобой" "Ты кидал" "Я не той" "Стрела" "Вода" "Я тебя вы..." "Весна" "Big Badda Boom!" "Нева" "Свобода" "Ушедшим слишком рано" "Jammin"

4.2.2. O5 "Луна, успокой меня" "Огонь и Я" "Намае Куль" "Морячок" "It's over now" "Половина меня" "Новый день" "Нету дома, нету флага" "Оно" "Мы одно" "Это тебе" "Ты такая" "Натяни..." "Желтая" "Солнце" "Эй, где ты?"

5. Поп

5.1. Michael Jackson

5.1.1. Thriller "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" "Baby Be Mine" "The Girl Is Mine" "Thriller" "Beat it" "Billie Jean" "Human Nature" "P.Y.T." "The Lady in My Life"

5.1.2. Bad "Bad" "The Way You Make Me Feel" "Speed Demon" "Liberian Girl" "Just Good Friends" "Another Part of Me" "Man in the Mirror" "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" "Dirty Diana" "Smooth Criminal" "Leave Me Alone"

5.1.3. Off the Wall "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" "Rock With You" "Workin' Day and Night" "Get on the Floor" "Off the Wall" "Girlfriend" "She's Out Of My Life" "I Can't Help It" "It's the Feeling in Love" "Burn This Disco Out"