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Cloud CI solutions by Mind Map: Cloud CI solutions

1. Compare CircleCI vs Shippable vs Codeship - Slant

2. Not supports our stack

2.1. Continuous Integration and Deployment service for Windows developers - Appveyor

2.1.1. Windows only

3. Non free for us

3.1. Travis CI: Continuous Integration and Deployment That Just Works

3.1.1. Languages Ruby Rails NodeJS Objective C PHP Clojure Python Erlang Scala Go Perl

3.1.2. Pricing Free for OSS $129 for Startups, 1 concurrent jobs

3.1.3. Notifications Slack

3.1.4. StackShare reasons 506

3.2. Continuous Integration ·

3.2.1. Supports Rails Ruby Javascript Many other

3.2.2. VCS Githib Bitbucket


3.2.4. Pricing Free for OSS For private starts with $25/mo

3.2.5. Stackshare reasons 37

3.2.6. Open source

3.3. Snap CI | Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery | ThoughtWorks

3.3.1. Features sudo access parallel tests

3.3.2. Languages & Platforms Ruby Rails Javascript Node.js Python

3.3.3. DB & DS sqlite3 PostgreSQL MySQL Redis CouchDB MongoDB

3.3.4. Webdrivers Capybara Chromium Firefox Selenium PhantomJS + xvfb run for above

3.3.5. Deployment Heroku Amazon AWS EB

3.3.6. Pricing Free for public repos $30 - 5 private repos, 1 build at a time

3.3.7. Stackshare reasons 0

3.4. Solano Labs | Continuous Integration and Deployment

3.4.1. VCS Git Github Bitbucket Stash Gitlab Mercurial

3.4.2. Deployment Heroku Engine Yard Amazon WS

3.4.3. Notifications Flowdoc Campfire HipChat NewRelic Email Slack

3.4.4. DB MySQL MongoDB Other

3.4.5. Build & Test Frameworks RSpec Capybara many other

3.4.6. App frameworks Rails Sinatra Django Node HTML5 other

3.4.7. Features Parallel performance: safe parallel execution and dynamic task distribution finish builds up to 80x faster, automatically. Painless, revision-controlled setup: fast self-service setup for new projects and branches, compact YAML configuration file that lives in the code repository. Compatible: seamlessly supports popular languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Scala, PHP and Go; works with Mercurial, Git and Perforce via Git Fusion. Debugging is quick, easy and pain free. SSH into a fresh environment through our Debug Console. 3 of the Top 10 SaaS Companies of 2015 use Solano CI. Allow every feature team to have their own build queue. Eliminate downtimes for maintenance, upgrades or plugin installations. Parallel-safe, isolated, and reproducible environments for each worker. Automatic load balancing of your tests across multiple workers. Scale effortless to 256 parallel workers per build. Zero maintenance time, for 1 simultaneous build or 500. Already integrated with your favorite tools. Ironclad Security.

3.4.8. Pricing Individual Free - 2 worker, 10 work hours starts at $15/month additional worker hours at $0.75 per hour

3.4.9. Trusted by top SasS

3.4.10. Stackshare reasons 0

4. Articles

4.1. Continuous Integration | StackShare

4.2. 10 Hosted Continuous Integration Services for a Private Repository

4.3. Comparison of continuous integration software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4.4. Continuous Integration in the Cloud: Comparing Travis, Circle and Codeship

5. Free for us

5.1. With build limit

5.1.1. Semaphore - Continuous Integration & Deployment Features Project Timeline GitHub Integration Automatic Testing Parallelism Zero Config Deployment Collaboration Organizations Notifications Support Integrations Our Users Languages Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Clojure, Rake, Command Line Notifications Slack HipChat Basecamp Flowdock Continuous deploy Heroku Capistrano Generic Slack Pricing Free up to 100 private builds/mo Starter — 1 processor - $29 StackShare reasons 5

5.1.2. Pricing model VEXOR costs just $0.015 per minute. We give 100 free minutes a month! Features GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitlab integration Parallelize your tests with building matrices Pull request and commit notifications Travis.yml compatibility Dependency caching Deploy automatically if tests complete successfully Languages Rails Ruby Java Clojure Scala Notifications No Slack?

5.2. Without build limit

5.2.1. Continuous Delivery for free | Codeship VCS Github Bitbucket Notifications Slack Email Other Languages Ruby (Rails) Node.js PHP Python Java Go Continuous Deployment Heroku AWS Features Run your automated tests and get notified Speed up your tests with ParallelCI Configure your Deployment Pipelines Stay up-to-date about the latest changes We do not want to be a black box Pricing Free for 1 concurrent build 1 parallel pipeline Basic - $49/mo - 1 concurrent build, 2 parallel test pipelines StackShare reasons 624

5.2.2. Continuous Integration and Deployment - CircleCI Languages Ruby Rails Python Django JavaScript Java Clojure PHP Features Quick & easy setup Lightning fast builds Deep Customization Easy debugging Smart notifications Loving support Automatic parallelization Continuous Deployment Build artifacts Clean build environments GitHub Integration Free Open Source Support Notifications Hipchat, Campfire, FlowDock, IRC and webhooks. Slack Continuous Deployment Circle has customers deploying to Heroku, Engine Yard, Google App Engine, Elastic Beanstalk, Dot Cloud, Nodejistu and other PaaSes. We have detailed instructions on deployment to Heroku, Google App Engine and Bluemix. iOS Android Docker Trusted by famous projects Pricing free for 1 container and 1 concurrent build $50 - 2 concurrent builds with 2 containers and 1 parallelism StackChange Reasons 131

5.2.3. Shippable - Continuous integration, evolved. VCS Github Bitbucket Features Code to Live in record time Run builds on dedicated machines Docker build Languges Ruby Rails Python Javascript PHP Clojure Scala Java Continuous Deploy Heroku AWS EB Google App Engine Red Hat Openshift AWS Opsworks Notifications Web hooks (Slack) HiChat Pricing Free for 1 parallel build with unlimited other $12/yr for startups with 5 parallel build and dedicated hosts StackShare reasons 53

5.3. Full free

5.3.1. wercker - automation driven development Features Pipelines Build on Docker Languages Golang Node.js Python Ruby PHP Services MongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL RabbitMQ Redis MySQL Notifications Slack Status Beta OS X desktop app Pricing Free Stackshare reasons 54

5.3.2. Magnum CI - Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Platform Languages Ruby PHP nodejs Go VCS Git Subversion Mercurial Notifications Slack Status Public beta DB • PostgreSQL - started automatically • MySQL - started automatically • MongoDB - started automatically • Redis • Memcached • ElasticSearch • RabbitMQ • CouchDB • Beanstalkd Pricing Free while in beta Stackshare reasons 13