Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage

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Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage by Mind Map: Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage

1. The SuperSelf Productivity Booster To build 38 Backlinks From Top Social Sites With 1 Click

2. Mind Map Publisher

2.1. Mind Maps by Giap

2.1.1. Mind Maps Web Site Management The Mind Map for Unisuccess Space Site Map Affiliate Marketing Acme People Search GVO:Global Virtual Opportunities Search Engine Optimization The Mind Map for Search Engine Optimization: Get Top Search Engine Ranking The Mind Map for OnlyWire Automated Content & Bookmark Distribution.1 Click To 38 Social Sites for Backlinks & Traffic The Mind Map for The SuperSelf Productivity Booster To build 38 Backlinks From Top Social Sites With 1 Click Article Marketing The Mind Map for Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage The Mind Map for Article Marketing Mastery Blueprint The Mind Map for Article Video Robot: Convert Articles to Videos in 15 Minutes Forum Marketing The Mind Map for Forum Marketing Maverick Micro Niche The Mind Map for Micro Niche Strategy Kuala Lumpur SuperSelf SuperSelf Branding Online Advertising Online Classified Ads

2.1.2. To Get Started with Mind Meister Free Member Premium Member at $59/year The Mind Map for Mind Meister

2.1.3. Follow Giap Twitter

3. Prepare The One Article: 1000 words

3.1. Post the One Article to your web site

3.1.1. SuperHub Site All the new posts can build inbound links to the SuperHub Site Examples

3.2. Rewrite the One Article to 600 words Article

3.2.1. Spin the One Article to 100 versions with Article Spinner Multiply The One Article Article Directories Article Syndication Networks Video Share Sites Social Portal Sites Mind Map Press Release Sites Ning Social Networks Forums Content Sharing Sites


4.1. 38 Sites for Status Updates

4.1.1. MicroBlogging Twitter Jaiku YouAre Koornk

4.1.2. Enterprise Microblogging Yammer

4.1.3. Blogging WordPress Blogger Multiply Typepad Tumblr Posterous Vox Xanga

4.1.4. Social Networks Facebook MySpace Plurk Hi5 Ning Brightkite Bebo Tagged My Year Book Street Mavens Yahoo Meme ShoutEm

4.1.5. Status Update Google Buzz G Talk Status StatusNet FreindFeed AIM Status Yahoo Profile

4.1.6. Social Bookmarking Delicious

4.1.7. Photo Sharing Flickr Photobucket

4.1.8. Business Network LinkedIn

4.1.9. Social Address Book Plaxo Pulse

5. OnlyWire

5.1. 38 Sites for Content Sharing and Social Bookmarking

5.1.1. MicroBlogging Twitter

5.1.2. Social Networks Facebook MySpace Plurk Friendster Foursquare Brightkite Bebo

5.1.3. Status Update Lifestream AOL FreindFeed

5.1.4. Blogging Multiply Tumblr

5.1.5. Social Bookmarking Delicious Blinklist Bibsonomy Bookmarksync Connotea Diigo Fark Faves Google Bookmarks Jumptags Linkagogo Mister Wong Spurl Stumbleupon Yahoo Bookmarks Simpy

5.1.6. Search Engines Ask

5.1.7. Business Network LinkedIn

5.1.8. Social Address Book Plaxo Pulse

5.1.9. Social News Mixx Newsvine Digg

5.1.10. Social content Propeller Reddit Slashdot

6. Multiply The One Article

6.1. Concept Summary: Convert The One Article to various formats and submit to these sites

6.1.1. Your Own SuperHub Web Site

6.1.2. Article Directories

6.1.3. Article Syndication Network

6.1.4. Content Sharing Sites

6.1.5. Forums

6.1.6. Press Release Sites

6.1.7. Step by Step Tutorial Sites

6.1.8. Podcast Directories

6.1.9. Ning Social Networks

6.1.10. Guest Posting in Blogs

6.1.11. Social Portal Sites

6.1.12. Video Posting Sites

6.2. Status Updates

6.3. OnlyWire Content and Bookmark

6.4. RSS Feeds Directories

7. The One Article

7.1. Concept

7.1.1. Creating excellent content for your web site

7.1.2. Leverage the same content and convert it into multiple formats

7.1.3. Post the multiple formatted contents into other web properties for inbound links and to generate traffic

7.2. Strategy

7.2.1. Use Article Spinner to spin the one article into 100's of unique version articles to be used in all the other formats Article Spinning Systems The Best Spinner

7.2.2. Build more inbound links for each of the new formatted content Social Bookmarking Status Updates RSS Feeds Rss Feeds Aggregators

8. Mind Map Publisher

8.1. Giap's Unisuccess Space SuperHubs To Connect All My WebSpaces

8.1.1. My SuperHub Unisuccess Space

8.1.2. Social Media Social Media Strategy

8.1.3. GiapSpace Follow Giap Twitter

8.1.4. People Search iConnect People Search iConnect People Search Affiliates iConnect People Search Micro Niche Journal Free Email Address Search People Search By Email Adress People Background Check People Search Engine

8.1.5. .Edu Domains Link Building Central Forum Marketing Central

8.1.6. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Taxi

8.1.7. SuperSelf Productivity Mind Mapping

8.1.8. Pay Per Call Pay Per Call Marketing

8.1.9. GVO Conference GVO Conference Review