Integrated Unit- Space (Planets, Stars, and Astronauts)

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Integrated Unit- Space (Planets, Stars, and Astronauts) by Mind Map: Integrated Unit- Space (Planets, Stars, and Astronauts)

1. Science

1.1. Cover science center table and explore "space" underneath (black paper, stars, moon, planets, flashlight)

1.2. Moon rock samples

1.3. Go on a "space mission" as a class (preparing to depart, traveling in space, landing)

1.4. Make paper airplanes outside

1.5. Make sun prints outside

1.6. Group discussion questions throughout unit: Why do we go to space? How do we train to go to space? Where do astronauts take off from and land? How long are they there? How to they sleep? What do they eat? How do they talk with us on earth? What do they see and explore in space? Why can't we live in space? Is there food/air/water/houses/people in space? What are planets? What planet do we live on? What are stars? What is the sun? (And others based on student interest)

2. Mathematics and Manipulatives

2.1. Play counting stars game with numeral slots

2.2. Complete space puzzles

2.3. Measure planets with tape measure

2.4. Make a star and moon pattern

2.5. Arrange planets by size

2.6. Put planets in numerical order 1-8

2.7. Create class KWL chart about planets

2.8. Create class KWL chart about stars

3. Physical Education/Health and Safety

3.1. Astronaut training course (jumping, climbing, crawling)

3.2. Astronaut food taste test/Comparison between our food and theirs

3.3. Make a space safety graph

4. Dramatic Play

4.1. Space station and space shuttle

4.1.1. Black background

4.1.2. Student made stars/planets/suns

4.1.3. Instrument panels, jump suits, head sets, helmets (student made), and jet packs (student made)

5. Social Studies

5.1. Look at planet, star, and astronaut pictures on computer

5.2. Discussion on importance of teamwork for astronauts (Practice during astronaut training course)

5.3. Examining characteristics of Earth, draw picture of Earth

6. Literacy

6.1. Reading and Listening/Books

6.1.1. On the Moon by Anna Milbourne

6.1.2. Planets by Ellen Hasbrouck and Scott McDougall

6.1.3. Disney's Little Einsteins: Galactic Goodnight by Susan Ring and Kirk Albert Etienne New node

6.1.4. There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe and ARistides Ruiz

6.2. Writing

6.2.1. Astronaut journals (Day 1, Day 2, etc.)

6.2.2. Letters to astronauts

6.3. Phonological Awareness

6.3.1. Rhyming space words game

7. Creative Arts

7.1. Create space shuttle with boxes and plastic (for windows)

7.2. Cut stars and paint with glow-in-the-dark paint

7.3. Draw planets with different planet characteristics

7.4. Stuff and paint moons in different phases with cardstock and newspaper

7.5. Create and paint telescopes with paper towel tubes

7.6. Make jetpacks with glue/soap bottles and cereal boxes

7.7. Make and paint helmets with milk/orange juice jug

7.8. Songs: Ten Astronauts Fingerplay, Four Little Stars, Countdown to Blastoff, Astronaut Song, Planet Song, I'm a Little Rocket, Twinkle Twinkle, Star Light Star Bright

8. Sensory

8.1. Black playdough with gold glitter

8.2. Black goop with gold glitter

8.3. Paper mache planets