Class 2: Getting to A Research Question

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Class 2: Getting to A Research Question by Mind Map: Class 2: Getting to A Research Question

1. Today's Class Objectives

1.1. Group Selection

1.2. Getting to a Research Question

1.3. Broad Topic Selection

1.4. Group Exercise (intro to Google Docs)

1.5. Review Assignment 1

2. Steps in the Research Process

2.1. What's the assignment?

2.1.1. Length?

2.1.2. Is it an opinion piece? A research paper? A creative writing assignment?

2.1.3. What resources do you need?

2.1.4. What resources are available to you?

2.1.5. When's it due?

2.2. Where can you find topic ideas?

2.2.1. Personal interests

2.2.2. Current events Television Radio Newspapers Web: News sites, Blogs, etc.

2.2.3. Course syllabus

2.2.4. Your professor

2.2.5. Class discussions

2.2.6. Library and Online Resources CQ Researcher Hot Paper Topics Examples for other classes CLIO Notes Debatabase

2.3. Focus Your Topic

2.3.1. Use background information General Encyclopedias Britannica Online Wikipedia Subject-Related Encyclopedias Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications

2.3.2. Narrow/Broaden by Time Years, months, weeks,days Place Continent, country, state, county, city Events/Aspects People College students, age ranges, gender, ethnicity, etc. Example Virtual Learning

2.4. Frame a Research Question

2.4.1. Example: How Can virtual learning impact the quality of the college educational experience?

2.4.2. Avoid those questions with a "Yes" or "No" answer

2.5. Determine Possible Sources

2.6. Use Sources to Find Information

2.7. Evaluate Information

2.8. Organize Extracted Information from Multiple Sources

2.9. Create a Product (Present Findings)

2.10. Cite Sources

3. Assignment 1

3.1. Narrowed Topic and Research Question

4. Class Exercise: Creating a Research Question