#Knightd3js - Module 4 April 6-12 2015

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#Knightd3js - Module 4 April 6-12 2015 by Mind Map: #Knightd3js - Module 4 April 6-12 2015

1. D3 Min.Max. Scale -

2. Alberto Cairo

2.1. Beautiful

2.1.1. Slides

3. Scott Murray

3.1. Linear Scales

3.1.1. scaled widths set width and height as variables wrap width in a function change graphics width by changing the variable

3.1.2. Dynamic domains d3.max() keeps charts dynamic Scales Data based on maximum value More D3 arithmetic functions d3.min, d3.sum, d3.mean

3.1.3. Axes for linear Scales Set scale up first Generate axes "g" for svg ~ "div" for html Padding Make room for axes Top, right, bottom, left width - padding (left - right) height - padding (top - bottom) adding padding to x rect Horizontal axis positioning axis

3.2. Ordinal Scales

3.2.1. Scales that use categorial values

3.2.2. scaled heights change graphics height by changing the variable .rangeBands 0 to height d3.range() Using it on ordinal values, scale will represent numbers of categories you have as an array

3.2.3. scaled heights spaced adds x % of space between bars

3.2.4. Axes for ordinal scales labels