Professional Development

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Professional Development by Mind Map: Professional Development

1. Community

1.1. People learn through observation, imitation, and modeling

1.2. Centering communities around a central premise breeds activity and dialogue

2. Coaching

2.1. Must have context, relevance, and be ongoing

2.2. Peer Coaching

2.2.1. Coaching peers by building trust & relationships

2.3. Cognitive Coaching

2.3.1. Strategies to help self & others reshape their problem-solving abilities

2.4. Instructional Coaching

2.4.1. Seek to master the "Big Four" of management, content planning, instruction, and assessment

2.5. Partnership Learning & Coaching

2.5.1. Equality - listening and understanding perspective, not forcing knowledge on others

2.5.2. Choice - Not forcing the conversation & participants have agency to "say no" or make an informed decision

2.5.3. Voice - People have ability & feel comfortable to speak their opinions

2.5.4. Reflection - Opportunity for participants to ask selves questions about value of content, whether it applies to their work, etc

2.5.5. Dialogue - Playing role of facilitator rather than lecturer, encouraging others to share ideas and draw out connections Question Recipes - Series of questions to encourage valuable discussion and openness among partnerships

2.5.6. Praxis - Chance to apply what is learned, explore the significance of the content, and make meaning of the message

3. Technology

3.1. Online Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a way to broaden understanding beyond districts and buildings

3.2. Web 2.0 Resources and social Media make virtual PLC time a reality