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Infinitives by Mind Map: Infinitives

1. Full infinitive to +base form of the verb

1.1. to express purpose

1.1.1. I am going to the supermarket to get some fruit .

1.2. after certain verbs

1.2.1. want ,would like ,would love ,hope ,decide ,manage,plan,arrange ,advise,choose,learn,offer,promise,afford,agree,expect,seem,forget,teach,need ,try ,etc . I haven't managed to find it yet .

1.3. after it +be +adjective

1.3.1. It's difficult to explain

1.4. after certain adjectives

1.4.1. afraid,surprised ,free,happy,ready,sorry,pleased,etc Are you afraid to ask him ?

1.5. after too and enough

1.5.1. - you are too young to stay out late.-I'm strong enough to carry the box .

1.6. after question words in indirect questions

1.6.1. who ,how ,what ,etc Do you know how to get there ?

2. Bare infinitives base form of the verb without to

2.1. after modal verbs

2.1.1. can,could ,will,would,shall,should,may,might,must Could you give me a glass of water ?-You must visit the doctor today .

2.2. after the verbs Let and Make(in the active voice) .

2.2.1. She makes me study all the time .