Canada in the 1920's(The Roaring 20's)

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Canada in the 1920's(The Roaring 20's) by Mind Map: Canada in the 1920's(The Roaring 20's)

1. Social Issues

1.1. First Nation's Residential Schools

1.1.1. First Nations children were taken from their homes and placed in isolation to "Kill the Indian in the child"

1.2. Women's Role

1.2.1. -For the first time in history women cut their hair -Women wore more revealing clothes -Women wore skirts above their ankles

1.2.2. Flappers Women who defied the Victorian Era dresses; danced and smoked in public

1.3. Prohibition

1.3.1. - Decreased public drunkness -Created organized crime with the smuggling of alcohol -One of the biggest problems of the 21st century (mafia gangs) emerged from the buying and distributing of alcohol

1.4. Immigrants

1.4.1. Discriminated + Assimilation, anti-immigration movement, racism

2. Economy

2.1. Consumerism

2.1.1. Many individuals had leisure time and money for more then basic necessities and with cheaper prices many families had money left to spend; "Buy Now, Pay Later"

2.2. Credit

2.2.1. Many more individuals burrowed money as consumerism grew

2.3. Ford's Assembly Line

2.3.1. -In 1929 more then 16000 had jobs assembling cars -in 1927 For Motor Co. sold 15 million model T’s around the world -Many more individuals owned cars from 300,000 in 1918 to 1.9 million in 1929


2.4. Branch Plants

2.4.1. Americans invested in the Canadian economy -By 1926 Americans owned 20% of Canadian Industries - Americans investments surpassed Britain’s

3. Politics

3.1. The Person's Case 1928-1929

3.1.1. An attempt to define women as 'Persons'

3.2. Dominions Elections Act in 1920 -Allowed women to run for parliament

3.2.1. The Famous Five -Dorothy Davis,Margaret Gordon,Emily Murphy Alice Jamison,Nellie McClung

3.3. Mackenzie King (Liberal party leader) Elected Prime Minister in 1921

3.3.1. Political agenda included loosing ties with Britain

4. Entertainment

4.1. The Jazz Age

4.1.1. African American recognized in society through Jazz


4.2. Hollywood

4.2.1. Broadway Musicals reached an all time high -Famous plays such as ‘An American in Paris”

4.2.2. The Film Industry The first appearence of Mickey Mouse in a steam boat was in 1926, The industry was a huge from of entertainment

4.3. Magazines and Posters

4.3.1. Reader's Digest and Time were an enourmous success; magazines were used more as a form of advertisement

4.4. Recreational Places

4.4.1. Parks, Clubs , Theatres were all opening up rapidly as the entertainment business grew

5. Technology

5.1. Automobiles

5.1.1. Mass production of cars with Ford’s assembly line; cars were at chapter prices

5.2. Radio's

5.2.1. The first radio broadcast in Montreal (1920’s); there were radios in almost every hime

5.3. Electricity

5.3.1. Electrical wiring was installed more as an alternative to mining