mHealth Ecosystem: Ethiopia

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mHealth Ecosystem: Ethiopia by Mind Map: mHealth Ecosystem: Ethiopia

1. Mobile Operator

1.1. Ethio Telecom

2. NGOs

2.1. Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust

2.2. AMREF

2.3. Josie Demo

2.4. Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program

2.5. National AIDS Resource Center (NARC),

3. Technology Vendor

3.1. FrontlineSMS, Ethiopia

3.2. RapidSMS, Ethiopia

3.3. Technology for Change International, Ethiopia

4. Academia/Think Tank

4.1. Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Ethiopia

4.2. Open University HEAT Program, Ethiopia

4.3. The Open University, Ethiopia

5. Government/Reulatory

5.1. Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia HRSA, Ethiopia

5.2. Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health

5.3. HRSA

5.4. National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO

6. Consultancy

6.1. Abt Associates