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Ocean Kindergarten by Mind Map: Ocean Kindergarten
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Ocean Kindergarten

Language and Literature

Read Big Al by Yoshi

Read "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister

Read and look at various ocean books about sea animals

Read "A House for a Hermit Crab" by Eric Carle


Sorted fish by size and graphed them

Use imaginations and create ocean animals with tangrams

Play the matching picture game called "Fish"

Use shapes to make designs on paper fish


Identified various ocean animals

Looked at real shark and eel eyeballs, teeth and eggs. Made observations

Learn about the coral reef vocabulary words

See a real shark eyeball, tooth and egg

See a real fish and sting ray eyeball

Look at beach shells under a magnifying glass


Make rainbow fish

Created underwater animals

Stencil and color ocean creatures

Make a personal beach and glue on sand and shells

Music and Movement

Explore different ocean animals

Use puppets and play props to create an ocean themed dramatic play area

Sing and dance to "The Swim"

Dramatic Play

Built edible oceans using: Blue Jello, Graham Crackers, Candy Fish and Whip Cream

Use puppets and play props to create an ocean themed dramatic play area

Social Emotional

Build under the sea puzzles and learn new vocabulary

Matching and reading games on the computer

Practice listening skills by identifying various weather sounds