Theme: Animals

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Theme: Animals by Mind Map: Theme: Animals

1. Health/Physical

1.1. Explore topics of health and safety in the context of taking care of animals

1.2. Health/Physical: Ask how students think they can be safe and how we can keep animal safe; what provisions will the animal need?

1.3. Read From Head To Toe: discuss and emulate different movements/actions

2. Math

2.1. Supply currency, tickets, or other relevant items to prompt explorations of quantity and money.

2.2. Supply rulers and other nonconventional measuring tools to initiate discussions of length, size, weight, etc regarding pet

3. Literacy

3.1. Large group reading of 'Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet.' Extension activity - what is your idea of a perfect pet (write, draw, model, etc.)

3.2. Other books: The Best Pet of All, My Dog Rosie, Curious George, Good Night Gorilla, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, Dinosaur Roar

4. Science

4.1. Based on students' ideas, vote for class pet and discuss what books/tools/equipment/rules will be necessary to bring the pet into class.

4.2. Matching activities using maps and animal cut outs: What kind of animals are found in different areas of the world?

4.3. Introduce vocabulary related to dinosaurs (extinct, fossil, etc). Go excavating for fossils in sand/water area

5. Social studies

5.1. what jobs are needed to care for animals? Who does them? What do they need to know? How can we find out?

6. Creative Arts

6.1. Art: Invite students to stock dramatic play area or a separate zoo/pet store/vet with appropriate animals. Provide various art materials (3D building materials, clay, glue, etc) for creations

6.2. Dramatic Play: Brainstorm what dramatic play area should be converted to (zoo, vet, pet shop, etc.); collaborate what tools/props/roles are needed.

6.3. Blocks: Suggest alternatives can be built in the block area; discuss potential strategies, seek explanations