Who would be the audience for your media product?

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Who would be the audience for your media product? by Mind Map: Who would be the audience for your media product?

1. 1. When deciding who the audience for my Abduction Thriller was going to be I felt that it was important that I gathered some research. I looked at the audiences other films from my sub-genre were aimed at. I also did some primary research myself by asking a range of people to fill in a questionaire all about what kinds of films they enjoy and wether or not they like abduction thrillers.

2. 2. To decide who the audience for my media product is I am going to take into consideration: Age, Location, Watching Habbits, Gender and Race.

3. Age: One of the most important things to take into account when looking at target audiences for films is age. The BBFC are the company that produce a certificate age rating for each film depending on how age appropriate it is. When I did my research I asked how old each person was and from there I gathered that the most likely age group to watch abduction thrillers are aged 16-34. Therefore the BBFC certificate rating that is most likely to be used for my film would be 15.

4. Location: As a genre thrillers are most popular in European countries, like England and France, they are also very popular in America. The language spoken in my film is English this means that I would most likely be targeting my film at an English and American audience.

5. Race: This may not apply to my sub-genre as it covers a wide demographic. However as my film is based on a white group of friends, this could consequently lead to a caucasian audience being the most common.

6. Gender: From my primary research I have gathered that males tend to enjoy watching abduction thrillers more than females. However I feel like my film is aimed at both genders as is isnt particularly aimed at one gender specifically, as I think it's a film both males and females can enjoy.

7. Watching habbits: From my research it was clear that the people who watch abduction thrillers tend to watch them on subsription services like Netflix, therefore having my film on services like this would make it more available to the targeted audience.

8. In conclusion I feel like the audience I am going to be mainly targeting my film at will be, males and females aged between 16-24, who tend to watch film on subscription services. I feel like it is vital to know who the target audience for your media product is as it is crucial for certain elements you do/do not include in your film.