Internet Society Switzerland Chapter

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Internet Society Switzerland Chapter by Mind Map: Internet Society Switzerland Chapter

1. ISOC update

1.1. Nicolas Siedler

1.1.1. ISOC activities 2015 WSIS 10 yr review 2005 - 2015 High Level event in New York to evaluate WSIS and __________ IGF : key outcome of WSIS, facilitates cooperation, shapes actions and decisions taken in other places ISOC’s focus: Improvements: Best Practice Forums / inter sessional ; span , CERTs COP Local IGFs / IGF initiatives: regional bureaus, toolkit IGF Support Association : Financial sustainability IANA Stewardship transition IANA: adminstrative function of the internet yhst keeps track of IP addresses, domain names _____________ Security & Privacy Privacy Shaping policies: OECD guidelines, APEC, IETF/W3C, HRCsubmission Trust, consent, online identity, ethical data handling Cyber Security IG survey: top issues of our community Loaded term: our focus on Internet security & resilience Security as means to an end Collaboration & Responsibility (end = protecting social eand economic development, its not a 1 entity solution, Technology IETF: promote better understanding of, increased support for, and participation in the IETF and other standards bodies, fellowships Network operators (NOG’s) MANRS: Mutually Agreed Norms for routing Security Capacity building: Deploy 360 (IPv6, DNSSEC, et Development & Access Focus on smart development: technical & human & governance infrastructure Key areas : access, ccTLD’s, IXPs Example: African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF) Gathers > 100 technical and policy experts from around the world Fosters African Internet community and content Human Rights Vision: We want the internet to serve as a platform that enables user’s rights and empowers everyone with opportunities

1.2. Ilda Simao

1.2.1. Grants update

1.2.2. #InterCommunity15

2. Welcome

2.1. Chair

2.1.1. Bernie Hoeneisen

3. by Roxana Radu, ISOC-CH, Vice-Chair for Internal Affairs

3.1. Introduction to Internet Society and the Switzerland Chapter

3.1.1. Activites ISOC Switzerland

3.1.2. Swiss IGF upcoming 19 May 2015

4. by Jens Kaessner, Swiss Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM/OFCOM)

4.1. Net Neutrality, Current Situation

4.2. Net Neutrality

4.2.1. Jens Kaessner What is Net Neutrality Quality of Service mechanism Status in Switzerland on Net Neutrality

5. by Simon Leinen, SWITCH

5.1. Cloud Computing in Research and Education


5.1.2. Topics covered Definition of Cloud Public cloud Cloud washing Cloud federation EGI Build your own cloud Private cloud

6. by Carla Licciardello, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

6.1. Child Online Protection and the Need of Global Cooperation

7. Contributing your opinion ISOC Switzerland Hot Topics on the agenda


8. Photos