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Farm Animals by Mind Map: Farm Animals
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Farm Animals

Social Studies

Visit to local farm to look at farm animals, their habitat, eating habits, grooming.

The traditional farm

The modern farm


Food products we get from animals

Guest speaker to speak on milk and eggs

Where does milk come from

Where do eggs come from

Where does beef, pork, chicken come from


Create farm animals from various materials

Group Project: Collage of farm scene

Farm animal puppets


Practice handwriting by writing farm animal names

Write Stories about animals and farms

Read books on Farm animals

Rhymes about animals

Vacabulary development


Counting and addition using Farm animal counters

Creating patterns using farm animal counters

Logic and reasoning: Sort and match animals by attribute

Measurement: which animal weighs more

Geometry: Shapes that make up farm animals


Learn and sign farm animal songs

Make up new farm animal song

Make Farm animal sounds

Dramatic Play

Allow children to dress up and create a farm animal scene and then move and make sounds like farm animals

Have children reenact a farm animal story.

Creative play

Have grocery store set up with assortment of farm foods, cash register etc.


Proper sanitary methods after touching animals.

Farm animal safety