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Geographical location impacts on lifestyle by Mind Map: Geographical location impacts on lifestyle
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Geographical location impacts on lifestyle

What Skills?

Landforms - What are they? Can you locate them?



Google Earth, how to use overlay?

Mapping Skills

read different types of maps


Planner skills

1.1 Sts know how to use maps, globes, and other geographic tools to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.

1.2 Sts develop knowledge of Earth to locate people, places, and environments.

2.2 Sts know how and why people define regions.

3.2 Sts know the characteristics and distributions of physical systems of land, air, water, plants, and animals.

4.1 Sts know the characteristics, location, distribution, and migration of human populations.

5.1 Sts know how human actions modify the physical environment.


1) Interpret topgraphical Features

2) Interpret climate

3) Interpret rainfall

4) Interpret temperature

5) Interpret vegetation

6) Understand scale

7) Understand latitude

8) Understand longitude

9) ID key features

10) Use keys

11) Glossary of geo terms

12) Google Earth

MYP Objectives

A) Knowledge

C) Skills

Assessment Criteria

Pre-test - continents, oceans, terminology - terminology connect to meaning


Learning Sequence

1) WEEK 1 - Apply checklist skills 1-12 in a NZ context as a term. Teachers are experts in various skills. Modify final assignment (Pick an African country etc...) Teachers to make myclasses page

2) WEEK 1 - Self assessment/reflect on the checklist back in class. What have I mastered? What do I still need to work on? Create ticlist table in a shared space with comment box to be filled in after conference with teacher.

3) WEEKS 2-4 Teachers need to have a range of activities to continue to build on these skills - may need multiple visits especially for cheklist number 9.

4) WEEK 4-5 Move to Africa - 12 checklist skills

5) TASTER - Use Nat Geo. Book - Move to Africa - 4 area. what are the geographical features of Sahara, Savannah, sahel, Rainforest, Great rift valley.

6) GO DEEPER - African assignment - students choose a region within

7) Year 8s look at Central Otago