Physics PT Benchmarking

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Physics PT Benchmarking by Mind Map: Physics PT Benchmarking

1. Minor mistakes OR

1.1. e.g.

1.1.1. Considered longitudinal wave but did not state anything about variation of positions of air particles resulting in COMPRESSION / RAREFACTION w No diagram

1.1.2. air particles move away from the source

2. C3: Scientific Explanation of Sound Production

2.1. Proficient

2.1.1. ( MUST-HAVE: Source of vibration ) AND E.g of vibrating matter Strings OR Reed OR Diaghram OR Column of air w some mention of interference

2.1.2. Cause disturbance to surrounding air to form longitudinal wave (or standing longitudinal wave) AND Compression and Rarefaction (or mention C & R at nodes of standing longitudinal wave) Can be part of reports introduction to what is sound

2.2. Excellent

2.2.1. Everything in Proficient EXCEPTION: if student discussed resonance, w/o making any mention/linkages to longitudinal wave (e.g. just mention standing wave) --> ( missing second component of proficient, but has component of excellent) --> Proficient (if the explanation makes sense) * Standing wave+Antinodes+Nodes without going into discussion of natural frequency/etc to link to amplitude is insufficient for this exception

2.2.2. Amplitude What caused the instrument to be louder or softer Resonance source vibrates @ Natural Frequency OR Sound box OR Gives a reasonable explanation of factors that affect amplitude constructive interference OR source vibrates @ natural frequencies OR

2.2.3. Comments: there should be absolutely no scientific errors (major or minor)

2.3. Adequate

2.3.1. Total lack of scientific terms OR E.g of terms expected longitudinal wave compression, rarefaction

2.4. Limited

2.4.1. To be flagged out for other teachers to see and agree


2.5.1. Explanation should be on production and transmission of sound by the instrument

2.5.2. Explanation of perception of sound of human is irrelevant to the report


3.1. To flag the report out if any criteria is awarded limited

3.2. Good diagrams illustration will impact in terms of clarity of report

3.3. Branching out should be considered as AND. Unless indicated otherwise.

4. C4: Scientific Explanation of Pitch Variation

4.1. Proficient

4.1.1. Mention of Frequency of vibration vs pitch Higher frequency means higher pitch

4.1.2. Relate to how pitch is varied Factors of instrument that are changed Tightness Size Length Mass

4.2. Excellent

4.2.1. Everything in proficient

4.2.2. Explanation of how factors of the instrument affect frequency of disturbance Relate speed of wave with frequency and wavelength

4.2.3. Harmonics

4.3. Adequate

4.3.1. Did not mentioned any of the 2 points in proficient


4.4.1. Frequency range of human irrelevant

5. C5: Clarity of Report

5.1. Proficient

5.1.1. Well-organized Introduction AND Musical intrument Clear indictation of sections of 2 scientific concept of sound production and pitch variation AND

5.2. Excellent

5.2.1. Diagrams that aid in explanation of concepts which is properly labelled. There should also be proper spacings between paragraphs.

5.3. Limited

5.3.1. Report is one whole paragraph

5.3.2. Very Disorganized A lot of jumps in terms of flow of report. For example, mixture of sound production and pitch variation in explanation

5.4. Adaquate

5.4.1. Missing picture of instrument

5.4.2. Exceed 7 pages

5.4.3. font size smaller than 12 or less than 1.5 spacing

5.5. Comment

5.5.1. Clarity of report does not take into consideration of the correctness of concepts and explanation

6. C1: Musical Instrument Example

6.1. Adequate

6.1.1. Click arrow to see pictures and example

6.2. Proficient

6.2.1. Click arrow to see pictures and example

6.3. Note that we can comment on the photos too :)

6.4. Excellent To be flagged out for other teachers to see and agree

6.4.1. Click arrow to see pictures and example. Please open the photo to comment on photo to discuss possible approval for excellent score, thanks!