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ITIL V3 by Mind Map: ITIL V3
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Service Strategy

Identify competition and to distinguishing oneself from the rest by delivering superior value/performance to customers.

Service Value

Define in terms of customer's perceived business outcomes, and described in terms of combination of two component.

Service Utility

Service Warranty

Service Providers

Internal service provider

Shared service unit

External service provider

service strategy process

Define the market

Develop the offer

Develop the strategic assets

Prepare for implementation

Sourcing strategy

Aims to improve the core competencies of the services provided by outsourcing certain services.

Internal outsourcing, internal, Shared services

Traditional outsourcing

Multi-vendor outsourcing

Tools for service strategy

Business case

Net Present Value ( NPV)

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Service Design

To design new or modified services for introduction into a production environment .