Teaching English Through Translation

Teaching English Through Translation Group 3 collaborative mind map

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Teaching English Through Translation by Mind Map: Teaching English Through Translation


1.1. it helps to

1.1.1. Decrease the affective filter Helps with confidence which results in

1.2. it aids with

1.2.1. cross cultural knowledge and deepens cultural confrontation between languages

1.2.2. creating connections between the two languages and two cultures

1.3. When used as a pedagogical tool

1.3.1. it fosters Monitoring and comprehension of L2 Verbal agility in students Expansion of L2 vocabulary Development of sudents' styles

1.3.2. it proves to be a useful aid aimed at

1.4. Through Communicative Language Teaching

1.4.1. it regards language as A social behavior A purposeful action Always in context

1.4.2. It offers a view of language learner as a partner in learning


2.1. For students

2.1.1. It fosters bad habits By thinking in L1 during talk or conversation Hinders fluency in the L2 Ss see it as a fluid space, unstable and insecure.

2.1.2. It misleads them because of semantic differences

2.1.3. It creates a negative impact since it is more focused on

2.2. In context

2.2.1. it is not practical it creates an artificial learning because it is almost always if used as a literal translation The message and intention is lost Culture is not usually taken into account The semantic units of different languages do not match

2.3. In general

2.3.1. Can be considered retrograde Useless

2.4. For teachers

2.4.1. wastes class time demands lots of planning does not foster real communication


3.1. it should not be used

3.1.1. mechanically to create literal translations (meaning/meaning)

3.1.2. Constantly to avoid dictionary like expressions Creating a dull environment

3.1.3. As an isolated exercise it creates empty content

3.2. it should be used

3.2.1. under control of the teacher as a tool to enhance to engage students As the "Fifth skill" of learning integrating all other skills into practice it seeks it can be used to



5.1. Using translation in ELT classes

5.1.1. teacher should have a clear objective and support from previous studies and experiences.

5.1.2. Conscious planning

5.1.3. Teachers should be aware that the exercise of translation as an action that is isolated is not an effective way to teach or learn.

5.2. How to to use it

5.2.1. It should be meaningful for the students.

5.2.2. For specific purposes through

5.2.3. In short times must not be the center of a lesson

5.2.4. Must have a connection to real context and setting the other areas of knowledge.

5.3. Follow the principles of language

5.3.1. Never translate: Demonstrate

5.3.2. Never explain: Act

5.3.3. Never make a speech: Ask questions

5.3.4. Never imitate mistakes: Kindly correct

5.3.5. Never speak with single words: Use sentences

5.3.6. Never speak too much: Encourage students to speak for you

5.3.7. Never go too fast: Keep the pace of the student