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Families by Mind Map: Families
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Brothers and Sisters Graph

Poll the class to see who has sisters, who has brothers and who is an only child.  The graph the results on the floor.  


Use magazine cut outs to find "mothers" "fathers" "brothers" "sisters" "grandmothers" "grandfathers"  


Diaper Absorption Experiment

Determine with the class how many cups of water a diaper will absorb.  To go further with this individual centers can be created and children can determine what objects absorb and what do not.

Animal Families

Discuss the names of baby animals. Example; a baby cow is a calf, a baby chicken is a chick.  

Language and Literacy



Family Routine Sequencing Cards

Have children sequence a typical family's morning routine.

Magazine Families

Children will cut out pictures of families in magazines.  They then will label each member of the family. This will allow them to work on words like 'mom' 'dad' 'brother' 'sister'    

Fine Arts

Family Quilt

A 12X12 foam square will be sent home with the children. They will work together to decorate their square so it represents their family. We will make a large quilt using all of the squares.  Each child can discuss their square and why the decorated it they way they did.

Family Portrait

Children will draw a picture of their family.


My Role in the Family

Children will draw a picture representing their role in their families.

Physical Development

Play Dough family

Children will use their fine motor skills when making families out of play dough.

Social Studies

Family Tree

Children will work with parents to create their family tree.  They will share with the class.

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