Associated Students, University of California Irvine

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Associated Students, University of California Irvine by Mind Map: Associated Students, University of California Irvine

1. SPFB Student Programming Funding Board

1.1. Arnold Jalos SPFB Commissioner

1.2. President of ASUCI Chair of SPFB

1.2.1. Reza Zomorrodian

1.3. Cross-Cultural Center Representative (1)

1.3.1. Jessica Figueroa

1.4. Legislative Council Committee Chairs (4)

1.4.1. Naty Rico, Advocacy Tin Hong, Finance John Salazar, Public Info Alvin Phan, Rules

1.5. At-Large Members (3)

1.5.1. Angel Morales Billy Oak Wael Nimat

2. Legislative Council

2.1. ALVIN PHAN Legislative Council Speaker Pro-Tempore

2.1.1. Councilmembers At-Large Representatives (7) Alvin Phan Ariel Barnoy Bill Thomsen John Salazar Naty Rico VACANT VACANT Arts Representative (1) John Beneke Biological Sciences Representatives (2) VACANT VACANT Business Representative (1) Jeremy Arkules Education Representative (1) VACANT Engineering Representatives (2) Tin Hong VACANT Humanities Representative (1) Khaalidah Sidney Information and Computer Science Representatives (2) VACANT VACANT Nursing Science Representative (1) VACANT Pharmaceutical Science Representative (1) VACANT Physical Science Representative (1) VACANT Public Health Representative (1) VACANT Social Ecology Representatives (2) Matthew Guevara Negar Fatahi Social Science Representatives (3) Jennifer Lima VACANT VACANT Ex-Officio (6) Reza Zomorrodian, President Sanaa Khan, Executive VP John Delshadi, Administrative VP Nikki Kathuria, Academic VP Josh Nguyen, Services VP Matthew Carlson, Government of Undergraduate Student Housing

2.1.2. Council Representatives Matthew Guevara, Bus Love Board Tin Hong, eTech Advisory Committee Ariel Barnoy, eTech Advisory Committee Alvin Phan, IT-Liasion

2.1.3. Serin Choi Council Secretary

2.1.4. Legislative Council Interns

2.1.5. Committees Advocacy Committee Committee on Commitees Naty Rico, Chair Matthew Guevara, Vice-Chair Jeremy Arkules Negar Fatahi International Student Committee Constitutional Revision Committee Public Info Committee John Salazar, Chair Jennifer Lima, Vice-Chair Khaalidah Sidney Nikki Kathuria, Ex-Officio Josh Nguyen, Ex-Officio Finance Committee Tin Hong, Chair Ariel Barnoy, Vice-Chair Reza Zomorrodian, Ex-Officio John Delshadi, Ex-Officio Rules Committee Alvin Phan, Chair Bill Thomsen, Vice-Chair Sanaa Khan, Ex-Officio

3. Judicial Board

3.1. OLUWATOBI AGBELEMOSE Chair of Judicial Board

3.2. KEVIN TANAKA Vice-Chair of Judicial Board

3.3. Annette Lee, Associate Justice Kooshan Khosravi, Associate Justice Samuel Grubbs, Associate Justice William Barton, Associate Justice

4. Mark Deppe, ASUCI Assistant Director Stephanie Van Ginkel, ASUCI Associate Executive Director Interim Executive Co-Directors of Student Government and Student Media

5. Executive Cabinet

5.1. REZA ZOMORRODIAN President Chair of Executive Cabinet

5.1.1. Andrew Fan Chief of Staff Isabel Chi Deputy External Chief of Staff 60 by 16 Initative Films and Media Team Press and Communication Corp Truth & Transparency Commission William Ngo Deputy Internal Chief of Staff CARE Commission Greek Life Commission Veterans Affairs Commission

5.1.2. Campus Climate Commission Myrna Rosales Commissioner Jasmine King Assistant Commissioner

5.2. SANAA KHAN Executive Vice-President Chair of Legislative Council

5.2.1. Kristine Jermakian Chief of Staff Organizing Branch Parshan Khosravi Taylor Chanes Directors Legislative Branch Kelly Im, Commissioner Esther Kim, Statewide Coordinator Elise Corkery, National Coordinator Campus Action Team Alexander Fung Commissioner Elections Julie Ferguson Commissioner High School Projects Khajidmaa Soyultaga Salena Preciado Commissioners Community Outreach Tasmia Moosani Commissioner Labor Liasion Silas Karanja Commissioner

5.3. JOHN DELSHADI Administrative Affairs Vice-President

5.3.1. Dhara Waghela Felicia Martinez Chiefs of Staff Anteaters in Action Mandeep Kehal Commissioner ArtLAB Kimberly Van Commissioner The Garden Initative Patrick Brennock Commissioner Student Life Advocacy Allison Takechi Commissioner TGIF The Green Initative Fund Nicole Larson Commissioner ROAR Recruitment, Outreach & Retention Subha Pillai Commissioner

5.4. NIKKI KATHURIA Academic Affairs Vice-President

5.4.1. Kevin Trinh Trisha In Chiefs of Staff Academic Engagement Commission Elvis Leng Commissioner Academic Senate Daniel Ho Majde Al Salibi Commissioners Antleader Mentorship Program (AMP) Chelsea Sangalang Derek de Los Angeles Commissioners Internal Publicity Anthony Pham Bernadette Lingat Commissioners Speakers & Debate Commission Jeavin Yu Commissioner Visions Leadership Allan Do Cecilia Dang Commissioners

5.5. JOSHUA NGUYEN Student Services Vice-President

5.5.1. Jessica Shelton Tatiana Sarkhosh Chiefs of Staff Collin Friedel Shayna Truong Assistant Chiefs of Staff Athletics Commission Brent Ida Commissioner Business Marketing Commission Laureen Ma Commissioner Club Outreach Commission Richard Demery Commissioner Concerts Commission Aaron Liang Commissioner Festivals Commission Victoria Phan Commissioner Films Commission Nicole Dizon Commissioner Soulstice Junior Lagade Executive Director Vivian Cheong Executive Producer

5.6. Alvin Phan, Executive Cabinet Ex-Officio, Legislative Council Speaker Pro-Tempore

6. Student Advocate General VACANT