Material World

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Material World by Mind Map: Material World

1. Ring magnet , Bar magnet, Horse shoe magnet and Ball magnet - Swithin

2. I like the way you are awnsering questions Yoshita.-Tanmay

3. Plastics are manmade. - Yoshita

4. Glass is made of Silica.Silica comes from sand.-Tanmay

5. yes Kinza and Addison- Yoshita

6. Plastic is made from naturally-occurring materials. - Yoshita

7. Glass can be melted - Tanmay

8. Cloth is soft. Addison

9. Porcelain is hard and waterproof. Addison

10. Metal is hard. Addison

11. Glass is hard and transparent. Addison

12. Plastic is hard or soft and waterproof. It is manmade and made from petroleum products. Addison

13. plastic is made of plants and manure by Moeez

13.1. New Topic

14. how is plastic made?




18. There are many types of plastic. -Yoshita

19. Some tables and chairs are made from plastic.-Yoshita

20. Plastic can be re-used or recycled Some modern plastics are biodergradable. -Yoshita

21. Plastic is widely used and has many modern applications. - Yoshita

22. Plastic is a synthetic material , non magenetic,waterproof,corrosion-free . It is a poor electrical conductor. - Khloee

23. when did plastic exist By Moeez

24. why are some plastics Hard By Moeez

25. Why a lot of people use plastic to build or craft stuff by Moeez

26. who discoverd plastics by Moeez

27. where we can get plastic by Moeez

28. plastic is the famous material by Moeez

29. I want to know is plastic manmade? Moeez

30. What is the hardesr material?

31. what is the strong material in the earth ? Manveer

32. How are plastics relate to polymors

33. Cotton comes from cotton plant. -Kinza





38. Wood is hard. It is made from tree. Addison

39. Leo Baekeland discovered plastics - Tanmay

40. Are there any other types of plastics?-Tanmay

41. Glass is made out of sand - Kinza

42. How is glass made?

42.1. There are different kinds of glass.-Tanmay

43. WOOD

44. is fabric the strong material in the world ? -Manveer

45. can plastic be soft and hard? Manveer

46. glass is very popular. manveer

47. WATH material have name?- Manveer

48. Who discovered glass.Tanishka

49. Glass is made of sand and 3000% of heat.Tanishka

50. why almost every thing is made of plastic?Tanishka

51. It is lightweight - Swithin

52. where is plastic made from . swithin

53. Glass is made from sand.Tanishka

54. Glass is made of sand - Swithin

55. It can be clear or colured.Tanishka

56. Yes, plastic is manmade- Swithin

57. What are the different kinds of plastics?_swithin

58. Why does glass look like plastic?Tanishka

59. Why does plastic look like glass?Tanishka

60. No plastic is not made of plants and manure.Tanishka

61. When did wood exist?Tanishika

62. What is the lightest materia in the world? Gordon

63. The first plastic exist at the 1862 Great International Exhibition in London. Gordon

64. Some plastics are soft and some are strong ,hard - Yoshita

65. Yes Tanmay -Yoshita

66. Yes Addison - Yoshita

67. Leo Baekeland discoverd plastic - Yoshita

68. Yes glass is made of sand - Yoshita

69. No Manveer fabric and wool are the soft materials . Metal is the strongest in the world. - Yoshita

70. Metal is the strongest material in the earth . - Yoshita

71. propeties of glass 1. It is strong. 2. It can be shaped . 3. It is transparent. 4. It is heat and electrical resistant. - Yoshita

72. Yes Tanmay - Yoshita

73. Yes Addison- Yoshita

74. No Moeez plastic is not made of plants and manure! - Khloee

75. Yes Tanmay there are other types of plastics - Yoshita

76. No Moeez glass is the famous material - Yoshita

77. Are there different kinds of fabric ? - Yoshita

78. History 3000 years ago Egyptians found glass then they use glass as beads for jewellerys. - Yoshita

79. Jars and bottles can be recycled. - Yoshita

80. Recycing old glass to make new saves lots of energy because it doesn't need as much heat to mealted . - Yoshita

81. metal strong

82. what is the strongest magnet in the world - Kinza

83. A

84. Magent only can stick to metal with iron - Tanmay


86. magnet can pull or attract objects with iron in them -kinza

87. common pin spoon and nails can attract to magnet-kinza

88. there are ring bar and horseshoe magnets-kinza

89. smaller the magnet,pulls less objects,bigger the magnet,attracts big objects. - kinza

90. Magnets has north and south poles-swithin

91. how can we find the hidden magnets ?

92. What material is magnet made of ? - Yoshita

93. Why does glass break very easily than the other materials ? - Yoshita

94. A magnet has two poles where opposite poles attract and same poles repel-swithin

95. How to find out the pole of a magnet?

96. why can you see through glass? by miles

97. why is wood soft and hard. by miles

98. why is there aots of metal. by miles


100. Who inverted the magnet? by Miles

101. Yes Yoshita. by miles.

102. Properties of GLASS

103. What are some types of magnets?

104. Properties of magnets

105. magnets can break by kloee

106. The Ancient Greeks discovered magnets in an area of Greece called Magnesia by Yojana

106.1. Who found magnets first ? - Yoshita

107. Magnets come from minerals called magnetite.Yojana

108. magnets have a magnetic field around them - by Joseleen

109. if a magnet stick on to a metal object we call it magnetic ;manraj singh

110. why do we need metal. by miles

111. why do we need plastic of are water bottle. by miles

112. The biggest magnets are the strongest - Tanmay

113. Like poles repel each other. (ex:n+n) Opposite sides attract each other (ex:n+s) Yoshita

114. If the magent is far from steel spoon or fork it will not attract but If the magnet is near the steel spoon or fork it will attract. Yoshita

115. once upon a time there was a farmer he was walking down the hill and a stone stick to his shoe and he think he wander his shoe was magnetic ;manraj singh

116. why can fabric make clothes. by miles

117. yes Yoshita. by miles

118. do magnetic have magic? .......... manveer

119. f

120. fabric is not the strongest material manveer by -swithin

121. okay swithin

122. good writing tanmay by-swithin

123. thank you Ms.Jo for helping us

124. Cotton is soft fluffy fiber. - Yoshita

125. Cotton grows in India ,Australia , Africa,, some parts of America .Yoshita

126. cotton is a plant that produces fibres,which are used to make clothes and other products,like towels,carpets or sheets. manraj singh

127. there are so many. manraj singh

128. There are four kinds of fabrics Silk Wool Poleyester and Cotton.-TANMAY

129. Fabrics are used to make clothes because it helps us stay warm in winter and cold in summer.-TANMAY

130. Yes Addison. -TANMAY

131. Yes Addison I agree you but in addition other types of fabrics like Wool and Cotton are soft.- TANMAY

132. New Topic

132.1. New Topic

133. New Topic

133.1. New Topic

133.2. New Topic

134. New Topic

135. New Topic

136. New Topic

137. Magnetes are very strong.Tanishka

138. Can magnets only stick to metals with iron inside? - Tanmay

139. why is glass more famous than plastic? Gordon?

140. What is naturally occuring material? Miles

141. where did you find this? Kinza

142. search google kinza from Tanmay

143. i think this is because plastic is cheap Tanishka

144. Who are you????? Addison

145. Hi Khloee! What is synthetic?

146. Helloo! it means not natural - Khloee

147. thanks from Moeez

148. they are both transperent - Gordon

149. remember our experiment? opposite poles attract. what is your name? Tanishka

150. you're welcome ______________ (?) - Ms Jo :)