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Transportation by Mind Map: Transportation

1. Science

1.1. Gather some hand-size or bigger of materials that vehicles are made of like tires, metal from a car and then gather cardboard and plastic and compare and ask why vehicles are not made of these materials

2. Dramatic play

2.1. Have different costumes for the children to try on and pretend play with like a pilot, bus driver, biker, firefighter and have cut-outs of these transportation vehicles-plane,bus,etc.

3. Lang & Lit

3.1. Books to read: Airplane Alphabet book by Jerry Pallotta

3.2. Go over the different types of transportation vehicles and then have the children tell you what letter each one starts with for example car starts with c

4. Math

4.1. Make train cars and label them from 0-10 and then have the children put the train cars in order

4.2. Make airplanes with seat numbers in them and little passengers with numbered dots on their shirts and then have the children match the seat number to the passengers shirt

5. Social Studies

5.1. Have pictures in the classroom of different people who made the first few forms of transportation for example Lewis & Clark -Airplane

5.2. Have a discussion about safety and seat belts and why they are important

5.3. Have a world map and talk about without transportation how we would not be able to get to certain parts of the world

6. Art

6.1. Make license plates with the children's name on it, with the state you live in

6.2. Have each child draw all the different types of transportation vehicles that they have traveled in, may include stencils of planes, trucks, cars, trains etc.

7. Outside Play

7.1. Have the student on bikes or other outside vehicles and play "red light,green light