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Outer Space by Mind Map: Outer Space

1. Science

1.1. Learn why stars twinkle - they are actually hot balls of gaseous fire, and the twinkling we see is the flames.

1.2. Discuss gravity - what is it, and what is it like with out it? Watch a video of astronauts in a space shuttle in zero-gravity.

1.3. Oxygen is in the air we breathe. Learn about the helmets that astronauts wear that provide oxygen for them to breathe.

1.4. Some planets are hot, others cold, some are solid, and others gas. Create a sensory simulation for the children to touch and experience the difference between these different types of planets.

2. Art

2.1. Cut out stars and circles to use later as stars and planets for art projects and patterning.

2.2. Cut out cardboard box and paint it to make a puppet show venue.

2.3. Use paper towel rolls, construction paper, glue, and paint to make rockets.

2.4. Paper Mache large round balloons to make spherical planets

3. Music

4. Music

4.1. Listen to planets song, about each planet and one interesting fact to go with it

4.2. Sing twinkle twinkle little star

4.3. Sing the days of the week song, and relate each day to its corresponding planet namesake.

5. Math

5.1. Patterning with felt board planets

5.2. Counting planets in the solar system

5.3. Geometry: (new shape) Planets are spheres

6. Literacy/Language Development

6.1. Practice chant that recites all of the planets

6.2. Daily circle time discussions about issues involving space - anti gravity, the job of an astronaut, what planets are made of, how far away outer space is, etc.

6.3. Read the book, Stars, and on this day, incorporate the other star related ideas from the web

6.4. Read the book, Planets, and discuss planets on this day.

7. Social Studies

7.1. The jobs people do: Learn about astronauts. Who are they? And what do they do?

7.2. Demonstrate how our days of the week are named after planets [This is a bilingual classroom]: Sunday - sun; Martes - Marte (Mars); Viernes (Friday) - Venus ... etc.

7.3. Take a field trip to the observatory