Choice Cancer Care

North Texas based Choice Cancer Care is a physician-owned cancer treatment center. Dr. Gregory Echt, a radiation oncologist specializes in the most highly sophisticated methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy available today.

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Choice Cancer Care by Mind Map: Choice Cancer Care

1. At Choice Cancer Care, we offer various cancer treatment options. At our Texas Oncology Cancer Centers, you can get extensive Cancer care. Our cancer care teams across North Texas have combined knowledge and experience delivering the best cancer treatments.

2. Cancer is an emotional disease as well as a physical disease. There is much emotion connected with receiving a diagnosis of cancer as well as fighting the disease through treatment.

3. Protecting your skin from the sun at all times - even during the winter - every time you are outdoors, is essential to your skin staying healthy, as is following a regular regime of self-exams and getting checked by a dermatologist.

4. Treatment for lung cancer is very much determined by the type and stage of cancer - including how far the cancer has spread from its location of origin - as well as the patient’s overall health and ability to withstand the side effects that can often develop from different types of treatment.

5. While it is not possible to prevent every case of breast cancer, there are steps that can be taken to lower personal risk. In addition to taking these steps, it’s also critical for those at risk to go in for routine screening exams.

6. A 3D scan enables better visualization of breast tissue through the use of X-rays that create a more complete picture of the breast.

7. While the American Cancer Society and others recommend mammography six to 12 months after radiation or other forms of treatment are completed and annual checkups after that, the study found a relatively low compliance rate.

8. Achalasia is a rather rare condition that impacts the esophageal sphincter. When this disorder is present, people experience a complete relaxation of this muscle.

9. Finding the right Texas oncology cancer center to collaborate with in the process is key. Texas is home to many outstanding oncology centers, so finding expert care shouldn’t be difficult.

10. In general, the time to search for an oncologist is when a primary care physician or other healthcare provider makes the recommendation.

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