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Digital Citizenship: Through use of apps on the IPAD, students will identify appropriate use of digital technology by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship:  Through use of apps on
the IPAD, students will identify appropriate
use of digital technology
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Digital Citizenship: Through use of apps on the IPAD, students will identify appropriate use of digital technology

Learning Goals

Learning Goals are based around ISTE's Standard 5 for students. 5. Digital citizenship Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. a. Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology b. Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity c. Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning d. Exhibit leadership for digital citizenship

Cyber ethics & Legal issues

Some international cyber ethic codes, such as RFC 1087 by Internet Architecture Board(IAB) and the Code of Fair Information practices by US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, outlined the ethical and acceptable cyber activities and practices.

Intellectual Property Rights

Cyber virus


Identity abuse

Accessibility & other issues, Freedom of information, Accuracy, Sexuality and Pornography, Gambing, Violence

Technical knowlledge and Skills

Students are expected to know some basic hardware knowledge about resources and input& out put devices, as well as software knowledge including operation systems and apps.

Basic knowledge about computers and internet, Human-Machine interaction, Input Devices, Output devices, Cyber resources, CPU time, SDRAM Capcaity, Storage, Network Bandwith, Battery Life for Mobile Devices

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Basic OS operations, Dialogue Box, Icon, Touch screen and Guesture, Indicators and Noticiations, System settings

Use of apps or softwares

Learning Activities

Image Creation, Editing and Viewing

Video Creation, Editing and playing

Students will create a video on one of the cyber issues. They can detail what the effect of that issue is on students.

Online Research

Communication & Collaboration

Create documents using productivity software

Students will use word processing software to create a policy for the school related to cyber issues and cyber security.

Guided tech scavenger hunt.

Tech scavenger hunt will allow students to see how the device works.

Teacher Roles

Determine Learning Goals

Goals should be based upon curriculum, standard, and student interest.

Design and deliver instruction

Teachers deliver instruction that is both face-to-face and flipped.

Model appropriate use of technology

Teachers should be the model of proper use.

Organize materials

Half size sheets of paper, 3 for every student.Green, yellow, & red markers/pencils--1 set per groupCopy & review "Take Three " & "Internet Traffic Light" Student Handouts.Read the "Communicating Safely Online Teacher Backgrounder"

Providing rubrics

Providing resources

Video how-tos

Facilitate learning environment

Teachers should ensure that students are productive and that they are safe using technology.

Answer questions

Scaffold problems

Be present to students

Assess students

Teachers should assess students based on the learning goal through formative assessments.

Gather data with computer software

Ensure that students are meeting learning goals

Learning Assessment

Student self-assessment

Assess your performance

Standard's-based assessment

Assessment should be based on how well students have completed learning objectives and standards.

Rubric Detailing Project information

Tests and quizzes

Formative Assessmen


Today's Meet


Technology: iPad

We rely on the apps that the iOS provides and other commonly used apps available in app store.

Microsoft Office/ Kingsoft WPS

Apps that are commonly used like Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF Viewer and Editor, etc.

Instagram & Photos

Safari & Google Chrome

Face Time, Camera and Microphone

iMovie editor