Trapped: In a House, In a Cycle, In a Curse

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Trapped: In a House, In a Cycle, In a Curse by Mind Map: Trapped: In a House, In a Cycle, In a Curse

1. Who is going to be involved in your story? What do they look like? What do they act like? What role do they play?

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Cori Protagonist/ Main Character Narrator Brave, Strong willed, compassionate Brown curly hair, blue eyes, short, strong build

1.1.2. Jordan Supporting Character Cool, Fun, Self-Absorbed Tall, Blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build,

1.1.3. Val Supporting Character/ Needs Saved Kind, Caring, Air Head Tall, thin, blonde hair, brown eyes, athletic build

1.1.4. Elisabeth Supporting Character/ Needs Saved Ghost/Spirit, Innocent, Good

1.1.5. The Mother Small Character Ghost/Spirit, Distressed

1.1.6. The Father and Gang Antagonists Ghosts/ Spirits, Evil, Harmful

2. Where does your story take place? What time of day and year is it? How much time passes over the course of the story?

2.1. Setting

2.1.1. Place France, an old victorian era house museum The house is on top of a hill, in the middle of a clearing in a wooded area In the woods

2.1.2. Time Modern Day Late Summer Over the course of three days time

3. What happens in the story? What events take place? How does one event lead to the next?

3.1. Plot

3.1.1. Characters are visiting France. They hike up a hill to your an old house museum.

3.1.2. Touring the museum, Cori hears moaning and tells val they need to get out. Val hears the moaning and decides to check on where it's coming from. Cori is already on her way out of the house. Val sees a ghost women at the top of the steps leading to the third level of the house Val runs down the steps, trying to escape, but the woman follows. As she gets close to the door, the door and all the windows slam shut.

3.1.3. Cori and Jordan decide what they will do, since Val is stuck inside. Jordan wants to leave, but Cori wants to go back in and save Val. Jordan starts running down the hill, and Cori follows. At the bottom of the hill, they bicker about what to do. Cori decides to go back.

3.1.4. Cori goes back to the house the house looks as it did when they first arrived, so Cori enters Val is not inside, but Cori comes across another person - a small ghost girl. The ghost girl says hello, and upon further conversation, Cori find that the girl is kind. From the girl, Cori finds out what she must do to get her friend back - stop the cycle

3.1.5. Cori spends a few nights in the house with the girl. She discovers what the cycle is and how it can be stopped

3.1.6. The night to stop the cycle finally arrives, and Cori must save the girl and her mother from being brutally murdered.

3.1.7. Conclusion

4. What is the problem that drives the story? What needs to be resolved? What type of conflict is going on?

4.1. Conflict

4.1.1. Val is trapped in a house that is not only haunted, but cursed.

4.1.2. The mother and daughter are stuck in a cycle of being murdered by the girl's father The cycle will continue until they are saved

4.1.3. External conflict Character versus character

5. What is the resolution to your story? How does it end?

5.1. Conclusion

5.1.1. .Cori saves the girl and her mother, stopping the cycle, but it happens at a certain cost. Because the cycle ends, Val is released.

5.1.2. They meet back up with Jordan, and their lives are changed forever.