COLL100 Research Project

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COLL100 Research Project by Mind Map: COLL100 Research Project

1. I. Topic: Online Learning

1.1. A. Question: Is online learning as effective and efficient as the traditional classroom.

1.2. B. Answer: Online learning is more effective and efficient than an outdated classroom approach.

1.3. II. Statements of fact:

1.3.1. A. Studies have shown that online education consumes less energy, reduces education cost, and even helps the environment.

1.3.2. B. Students are able to reexamine classroom lessons, videos, and homework, which will help them comprehend the information at their own pace.

1.3.3. C. Attending college on a flexible schedule will lessen the impact of students who could potentially miss class due to outside forces such as children, work, and illness.

1.3.4. D. Students will get a more interactive learning experience which will inspire students.

1.3.5. III. Resources A. Robinson, C. C., & Hullinger, H. (2008). New benchmarks in higher education: Student engagement in online learning. Journal of Education for Business, 84(2), 101-108. Retrieved from I chose this article because it will start my research paper off with a bang. Robinson talks about the lack of engagement in a traditional school. The article also includes surveys, studies, and facts. B. TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY: WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR EXAMINES STATUS QUO, BENEFITS OF ONLINE LEARNING IN CANADA. (2011, Apr 14). US Fed News Service, Including US State News Retrieved from This article helps add an emotional tie to my research paper. It talks about young students who suffer from traveling to other cities for school. It also refers to online learning being successful in helping these young students graduate. Ogunleye, A. O. (2010). Evaluating an online learning programme from students' perspectives. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 7(1), 79-89. Retrieved from This article takes an unbiased approach to study the perceptions of students and how they learn. The study helps drive my point that online learning is more effective. D. ONLINE LEARNING BENEFITS ENVIRONMENT. (2013, Apr 03). US Fed News Service, Including US State News Retrieved from This article comes equipped with statistics about the benefits to students and the environment. IV. Conclusion