Orange County November 2009 Board of Education Meeting Group 3

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Orange County November 2009 Board of Education Meeting Group 3 by Mind Map: Orange County November 2009     Board of Education Meeting Group 3

1. Influences Affecting Board Behavior, Discussions, Decisions (JH)

1.1. OCPS Wellness Policy

1.1.1. Philosophical Research using Center of Disease Control (CDC) to state facts on Nutrition and Obesity in state of Florida (JH) Overweight Students are absent more (JH) 1st Generation of Children who will not outlive their parents (JH) Improving Student Achievement (JH) Students who are obese are more likely to be bullied (JH)

1.1.2. Ethical Looking out for safety of Students & Employees (JH) Develop and Implement Goals to improve healthy lifestyles (JH) Review Goals Annually (JH)

1.1.3. Social Collaborative Effort (JH) Food & Nutrition Services Community Involvement Curriculum Risk Management

2. Leadership Theories Displayed at the Meeting (jtd)

2.1. Participative Theory (jtd)

2.1.1. Leadership style that takes the input of others into account (jtd) The chairperson acknowledges the right of others to participate. (jtd) She ultimately still moderates and controls the conversation. (jtd) Board members receive an update on the district's strategic plan, specifically that part that encourages healthy life styles. (jtd) Board members listen to the presentation from district employees, Linda Dove, curriculum specialist, and Laura Gilbert, food and nutrition, about the implementation of a nutrition program within the district. (jtd) Board members provide constructive feedback about the nutrition program initiated at OCPS. Most are in favor of the program but encourage ongoing participation from outside agencies for support. (jtd) Two fund raising opportunities are brought to the attention of the board. (jtd) The chairperson looks to board member Roach for information about an upcoming fund raising event during a January bowl game. (jtd) Board Member Roach also brought to the attention of the board possible participation in a bicycle event.(jtd) Board Member Gordon stresses that a committee procedure workshop needs to be held. The chairperson makes note of this. (jtd)

2.2. Path-Goal Theory (jtd)

2.2.1. Leadership style whereby leaders are effective because of their affect on employees’ motivation and ability to perform. The theory emphasizes how the leader influences the employees’ goals, and the paths to reach those goals. (jtd) The school board ensures that they have control over the outcomes of subordinates by utilizing the strategic plan as a crucial document used to continuously assess the district's overall performance. (jtd) The board reviews the success of the wellness program implementation which is included in the safety portion of the strategic plan. (jtd) The board members discuss their upcoming forum with stakeholders in their individual districts regarding these individual's perceived areas of strength and need for OCPS. (jtd) By providing specific measurable data about the wellness program at the school, it highlights the desired outcomes (jtd) By recognizing the hard work of an art resource teacher, Carol Norman, and the life's work of former board chairperson, Louise Breeze, the board takes into account the stellar type of work that is done by specific stakeholders. (jtd)

2.3. Transformational Theory (jtd)

2.3.1. Leadership style that transforms or changes followers in an attempt to increase performance (jtd) Board members attempt to motivate stakeholders to work for the good of the entire organization in fund raising and other curricular events. (jtd) The board acknowledges the importance of personal growth, development and accomplishments by recognizing the newly appointed administrators and allowing them to address the board and audience. (jtd) Board members recognize the importance of completing a task and performing it well by acknowledging the good work of the employees. (jtd) This would include the acknowledgment of the work done and award won by art resource teacher Carol Norman. (jtd) Board members and the Superintendent acknowledge the work done by Linda Dove and Laura Gilbert with the wellness policy and their attempts to set expectations higher than state compliance. (jtd) Board Member Gordon brings to the attention of the board the music teacher's hard work in preparing the students to pass the District 8 Band Festival Assessments, one the most rigorous assessments for bands. (jtd)

3. Overview

3.1. Remebering Louise Breeze 1922-2009(jmd) First woman elected to public office in Orange County

3.1.1. Presentation of Visual Arts award to Mrs. Carol Norman, an employee since 1973.(jmd) Strategic Plan Update Announcements Recognizing 3 newly appointed administrators:Mr. William Charelton, Mrs. Gorito, and Ms. Lisa Recka. (jmd) Presented by Mrs. Linda Dove and Laura Gilbert for the Local School Wellness Program, in place since 2006 (jmd) The School Wellness Program includes the creation of Wellness Teams at each school including administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students. (jtd) Specific data is presented to the board, in graph form, showing that although there was an initial flat line, healthy school lunch purchases are steadily increasing. (jtd) Meeting goals and current statistics(jmd) The Wellness Program actually has established expectations higher than Florida state mandates. (jtd) Judge "Rick" Roach positively comments on program and says they are headed in the right direction. Kathleen "Kat" Gordon suggests asking for volunteers to assist(jmd) Board Member Roach comments that the program is walking now, but they need to do more. He wants Orlando to have the nation's healthiest kids. (jtd) Board Member Gordon suggests having retired physical education teachers come to support the continued efforts with the Wellness Program. (jtd) Debbie Watson from the Winterpark Health Association addresses the board. (jtd) Watson complements the district for the progress it has made with the Wellness Program over the past few years.(jtd) Watson is impressed by the way in which wellness has become a part of the philosophy of the district. (jtd) Watson feels as though the continued success of this program requires more support than the one curriculum specialist currently assigned to it at each school. (jtd)

3.2. Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Public Hearing and School Board Meeting Agenda (tm)

3.2.1. School Board Meeting General Information (tm) Opening Action Call to Order Information, Report Strategic Plan Update (tm) Public Hearings Action Request Approval of the Revisions for the 2009-2010 Local School Wellness Policy (tm)

3.2.2. Student Expulsions Information Requests for approval: Student Code of Conduct 2009-10 Expulsion of Students in Conjunction with the waivers of Out-of-School Student Expulsion and District Behavior Contracts Expulsion of a Student for the Remainder of the 2009-2010 School Year, Including Summer School and the Entire 2010-2011, Including Summer School for schools listed: SH/Dr. Phillips High School ,BD/Boone HS, LS/Howard MS, BC/Boone High School, JB/Maitland Middle School, and JB/Colonial HS(tm) Requested Approval for Grant Applications: Continuation Application to the Florida Department of Education under the Florida Increasing Refugee Student Achievement Grant Program Continuation of a Unit of Service Grant Contract with the Orange County Citizens' Commission for Children to Fund Programs in Neighborhood Centers for Families Grant Application under the STARTALK Program to the U.S. National Foreign Language Center (tm)

3.2.3. Requested Approval for Operations Issues: Bids to be Awarded – November 10, 2009 Renewal Contract with One on One Learning for Transportation for the 2009-2010 Program Renewal Contract with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida for Transportation for the 2009-2010 After School Program Renewal Contract With The Center for Drug Free Living for Transportation for the 2009-2010 After School Program Renewal Contract With the City of Orlando for Transportation for the 2009-2010 Recreational Program Florida Education Purchasing Consortium Organizational Interlocal Agreement with the Florida Education Purchasing Consortium (tm) Requested Approval for Business and Finance Functions: Quarterly Investment Report for the Period Ending September 30, 2009 Monthly Financial Statements for Year to Date Ending July 2009 the Monthly Financial Statements for Year to Date Ending August 2009 (tm)

3.2.4. Requested Approval for Legal/Audit Issues: Phase III Documents Audit Report Request Acceptance of the Information Technology Automated Approval Audit Report (withdrawn) (tm) Requested Approval of Minutes - October 27, 2009 - Agenda Review Request Approval of Minutes - October 27, 2009 - Board Meeting (tm)

3.2.5. Requested Approval for Construction Related Issues: Authorize Wilson, Garber & Small, P.A., to File a Condemnation Suit for the Properties Necessary for the Expansion of the Evans High School Campus and to Present Initial Offers as Set Forth in Exhibit “A” the Phase III Construction Documents for Site Demolition and Mass Grading at the New Evans High School Replacement Project Construction Manager at Risk for Lake Nona Middle School Project (withdrawn) Certificate of Final Inspection for the Comprehensive Renovations Project at Robinswood Middle School Certificate of Final Inspection for the Comprehensive Renovations Project at West Orange High School Replacement (tm) Requested Approval for Change Orders: Increased Guaranteed Maximum Price from $74,649, 236 to $75,718,170 for Skanska/JCB at Apopka High School Replacement

3.2.6. Reports of Non-Action Items by School Board Members and/or Superintendent Information, Report (tm) Statements of Policy Level Issues the Board would like to place on the agenda for future meetings Discussion by School Board Members (tm)

3.2.7. Information and Future Meeting Dates - Superintendent Future Meeting Dates: 11/12/2009 at 2 pm and 11/17/2009 (tm) Information Items: The First Amendment to Capacity Enhancement Agreement for Home Fishback Parcel to Extend Termination Date to January 1, 2013 The First Amendment to Capacity Enhancement Agreement for Lake Eve to Extend the Expiration Date and the Commitment Date by Three Years to December 31, 2011 and Approve the Modified Owner’s Capacity Solution The First Amendment to Capacity Enhancement Agreement for Home Beck Parcels to Extend Termination Date to January 1, 2013 The Second Amendment to Capacity Enhancement Agreement for Keewin Sheeler subject to conditions set forth in the Owner’s Capacity Solution (tm)

3.2.8. Reports by Attorneys Information Report by School District General Counsel (tm) Adjournment Information Meeting Adjourned (tm)

4. Evidence of Ethical and Unethical Behavior (jtd)

4.1. Unethical

4.1.1. None evident

4.2. Ethical

4.2.1. The board has established norms. (jtd) The board has a moment of silence and recites the pledge before they begin. (jtd) One board member talks at a time. There is a system by which board members request to speak. The chairperson sees this request and allows each person to speak in turn. When board members are talking, the other board members listen attentively. (jtd) Regardless of her personal feelings on the topic, the chairperson thanks the other board members for their contributions. (jtd) All board members were present. The board members were engaged and focused on the meeting. (jtd) Board Member Gordon highlights the need for a committee workshop for new members. She does so respectfully and the chairperson responds to the request respectfully. (jtd). Board Member Gordon suggests that the superintendent look into the use of volunteers to support the wellness policy in schools. The superintendent acknowledges that this is a good idea. (jtd)

4.2.2. The board adopts ethically responsible programs for the district. (jtd) Linda Dove and Laura Gilbert present an update on the Wellness Policy to the board. This program promotes the healthy lifestyle of staff and students as a lifelong skill. (jtd) Commissioner Roach comments that the district has a good start, but needs to go further to teach students the benefits of healthy living. (jtd) The district has started a vision initiative to provide vision screening to all students. (jtd) Thus far, the results have shown that on average half of the students are forwarded on for further screening. (jtd) Each member holds engagement meetings in their respective districts. (jtd) The board members regularly meet with their constituents and use their feedback to mold future policies. They don't simply make decisions based solely upon their own feelings. (jtd)